Campus is Cookin’: Chocolate Delights

For chocolate lovers out there, these simple and quick recipes will satisfy your cravings. With just chocolate chips and a microwave, you can make your own chocolate fondue. For the unfortunate times when there aren’t chocolate chips, you can make your own chocolate milkshake when you want a cool drink and mocha when you want to keep warm from the winter chills. Chocolate Milkshake Chocolate milkshakes stir up memories of summer, when it’s warm enough to sit outside, lie on the grass and feel the frosty chocolate run down my throat to cool me off. Even though summer is a winter and spring away (139 days, but who’s counting?), you can still cook up something to remind you of the summer months ahead. Fill a cup about one-third of the way with chocolate frozen yogurt. Then add half a cup of chocolate milk. For a less chocolaty version, use skim milk instead of chocolate milk. Stir the mixture carefully until it’s smooth. For a fruity variation, instead of just adding chocolate frozen yogurt, add one-sixth of a cup each of chocolate and strawberry yogurt. Chocolate Mocha A cup of mocha is a great way to drink chocolate and get a caffeine boost, which can be extremely helpful during finals week. To make your own mocha, fill a cup halfway with black coffee of your choice and add milk until it almost reaches the top, leaving enough space for some warm, soft foam. Next, add two to three scoops of hot chocolate mix, depending on how sweet and chocolaty you want your drink to be. Stir the coffee mixture with a wooden stirrer until there are no more clumps. Make your way to the cappuccino machine in lower left, and ask for some steamed milk to top off your mocha. You can even sprinkle a bit of the cocoa powder to decorate your drink. Now you have your café-style mocha, complete with fluffy foam and chocolate powder, without the long, cold trek to Starbucks. Chocolate Fondue In the fall, CVS was selling a fondue machine, but there is no need to buy one when you can make fondue anytime. This recipe lets you create your own fondue to enjoy with bananas, apples, clementine segments, cantaloupe pieces and even strawberries. Pour a handful of chocolate chips into a bowl, making sure not to fill it more than three-fourths of the way in order to prevent overflowing. Put the bowl with the chocolate chips into the microwave for one minute, making sure the chocolate doesn’t burn. The bowl will be hot when you take it out of the microwave, so be careful. Stir the melted chocolate chips until the chocolate is smooth and creamy. To make stirring easier, you can add a little bit of milk to the melted chocolate chips. If you want to dip apples into the fondue, slice an apple into thin slices. For bananas and other fruits, cut them into larger chunks so they won’t slip off your fork into the fondue. Now you have your own chocolate fondue, personalized to your favorite fruits.