Jeffrey Phaneuf, Instructor in History, Leaves for the Hotchkiss School

As students said their goodbyes before embarking on winter break, one farewell was permanent for some history students. Jeffrey Phaneuf, Instructor and former Teaching Fellow in History, left Andover for the Hotchkiss School after the fall term. Phaneuf, who was a Teaching Fellow in History last year, was hired for the fall term to fill in for Megan Paulson, Instructor in History, who was on maternity. Phaneuf taught sections of History 100 last year and took on History 200 and History 300 this fall. During the term, Phaneuf also served as Interim Assistant Director of Community Service, standing in for Sarah Coghlan, Assistant Director of Community Service, who arrived at Phillips Academy at the start of winter term. As Assistant Director, Phaneuf helped organize community service projects including Non Sibi Day and ARC. At Andover, Phaneuf also served as a house counselor in Rockwell House and coached JV Football and JV2 Baseball. He was an active supporter of extracurricular organizations on campus, travelling off campus to assist Philomathean Society debates and the Andover Economics Team’s competition in New York City. Phaneuf, who lead the Model United Nations (Model UN) program at his alma mater, Harvard University, also ran training sessions for Andover’s Model UN club. In an earlier interview, Phaneuf expressed his appreciation for the oppurtunity Model UN gave students to apply their understanding of international affairs. He noted, “I did a lot of Model UN in college and was able to share my experiences with students here. And then I was able to go watch them go and apply the things that we talked about.” Last year, Phaneuf took the Andover Economic Team, consisting of Chuan Xu ’12, Tum Kulalert ’11, Advaya Krishna ’11 and James Lim ’12 to the National Economics Challenge, where Andover placed first out of 1500 teams. Phaneuf did not return to coach the team this yearbecause of his planned early departure from the school. Stephanie Nekoroski ’14, a student in one of Phaneuf’s History 200 classes last term, said that she enjoyed his teaching style, which she found to be more structured than her other classes. Nekoroski, who also knew Phaneuf through his work in the Community Service Office, said, “He was always at ARC, and I actually had the opportunity to do a more exclusive off-campus community service trip to Lawrence with him and Brad Silnutzer [Interim Director of Community Service].” Carrie Ingerman ’14, another of Phaneuf’s students, said, “Mr. Phaneuf was a fun teacher. He was friendly and approachable while maintaining a sense of authority. It is sad to see him leave PA, but I hope he is happy at Hotchkiss.”