The Drama Labs

“What are You Doing in There?” and “Perfect,” two suspenseful plays sprinkled with comedic moments and surprise, concluded this term’s DramaLabs on a memorable note.

Emma Kahn ’14 directed “What are You Doing in There?”. As a first time director, Kahn was successful in bringing a suspenseful play to life.

In the play, Ben, played by Matthew Abrahamsen ’13, and Ella, played by Katherine Tobeason ’14, are two average parents with a teenage son, Leonard, played by Vincent Mocco ’15.

The two parents become agitated while waiting for Leonard to come out of the bathroom, after he has been in there for what seems to be hours.

Kahn said, “My favorite character was probably the father, Ben, who lost his temper and started coming up with ridiculous ways to get Leonard out of the bathroom.”

Kahn added, “My favorite part was when Leonard first spoke after minutes of silence, and the whole mood shifted.”

The lights fade as Leonard begins to walk out of the bathroom, indicating that his parents never find out the truth about what he was doing in the bathroom.

Claire Carroll ’14 said, “It was awesome. The show was funny and the unexpected ending made it mean something.”

The next play, “Perfect,” directed by Carri Bresnahan ’13, showed the audience how difficult finding the perfect man can be.

Two friends, Kitty, played by Jamie Chen ’15, and Tina, played by Liana Brooks ’15, talk in the kitchen about the perfect man for Kitty.

They think that Dan, played by Andries Feder ’13, is the one for Kitty, yet Kitty starts to get anxious and looks for his flaws.

She finds fault in his political views, and when Dan later enters the kitchen, she confronts him about the last election.

Bresnahan said, “My favorite part of the play was the end, where they [Dan and Kitty] almost kiss. It was really fun to direct, because it had to create suspense and draw the audience in and then leave them hanging when the lights went out right before the kiss.”

The play was humorous and featured stand out performances by the entire cast.

“My favorite character was Tina, played by Liana Brooks, because of how dramatic her character naturally was,” said Bresnahan.

First-time director Bresnahan used her experience as a DramaLab attendee to create a play that the audience enjoyed.

She said, “The performance on Friday night was the best I had ever seen [the cast] perform it. I was really happy with how it turned out.”

The DramaLabs will start up again following winter break, so keep an eye out for them next term.