Chapel Hosts Band Ensembles

Three ensembles, the Academy Concert Band, L’Insieme Di Martedi Sera (Tuesday Band) and Academy Brass Ensemble were featured in Andover’s Band Concert that took place this past Sunday in Cochran Chapel. In the beginning of the concert, sounds of cheers and last minute rehearsing could be heard floating up from backstage. The concert started a few minutes late, increasing anticipation in the audience. The Academy Brass Ensemble started off the concert on a powerful note. The Ensemble showcased musicians Katherine Shih ’13 and Charles Van Eijk ’14 on trumpets, Isabel Knight ’12 on the trombone and Robin Milinazzo, Adjunct Instructor in Music, on the horn. The Brass Ensemble performed two pieces, “Thou Be Near” by Johann Sebastian Bach and “Canzona” by Heinrich Issac. Both compositions featured a slow and steady rhythm that gave a soothing feeling. After Brass Ensemble’s performance was the performance by L’Insieme Di Martedi Sera led by Derek Jacoby, Instructor in Music. The Band started their recital with the piece “O Mio Babbino Caro” (Oh My Dear Papa) from the opera “Gianni Schicchi” by Giacomo Puccini. Like the performance given by the Brass Ensemble, L’Insieme Di Martedi Sera continued to play with a thematically slow tempo. “Renaissance Festival and Dances” arranged by Bruce Pearson was played next. The piece was divided into three different movements: “Festival,” “Pavane” and “Courtly Dance.” The first movement, “Festival,” was dynamic in melody with an energetic rhythm, creating a festive atmosphere. “Pavane” was similarly lively and energetic with strong beats. The last movement, “Courtly Dance,” had a slow tune, bringing back the calm atmosphere. L’Insieme Di Martedi Sera ended their performance with the piece “Mars” from Gustav Holst’s suite “The Planets.” As if actually depicting the Roman god of war, the piece had a dark, deep, menacing quality to it. It started with a grand slow melody and ended on a strong note. After L’Insieme Di Martedi Sera, Academy Concert band took the stage. Before Academy Concert Band’s performance, Jacoby, the conductor and lead of the band, said, “[We’ve] been practicing since about September 15th or so, so pretty much the whole term. [The students] have shown marked improvement [since then].” Academy Concert Band started their performance with the piece “A Jubilant Overture” by Alfred Reed. Like the title, the piece had a springy tune that created a jubilant mood in the Chapel. The Band’s second and final piece was “Folk Song Suite for Military Band” by R. Vaughn Williams. It had strong and concrete beats that created a feel resembling that of the “Military Band.” “I chose pieces to be a mixture. I wanted some pieces the kids may have heard, and some they would have never heard before. I also wanted to have pieces that would be easy for [the students], and some that would be much harder. Basically, I wanted a mix of old and new, easy and hard, [and I think that worked out well],” said Jacoby. Of the concert, Catherine Liu ’15, who played the flute for both L’Insieme Di Martedi Sera and Academy Concert Band, said, “[The music selection] was fine. The flutes always had something to do, so that was good. They weren’t what I would have chosen, but they weren’t bad either. Again, I liked how much I got to do, and how much [I was able to show my skill].”