Captains’ Feature

Despite a tough, injury-filled season so far, Andover Football’s Co-Captains, Eric Meller ’12 and Joe Kruy ’12, have been doing a good job leading Andover Football, promoting strong intensity in practice and keeping the team focused on a unified goal.

Meller has been playing football since eighth grade, and Kruy has been playing since third. They are both returners to the varsity team.

Meller’s main position is outside linebacker, but he has proved very useful to the team by playing all over the field on offense, defense and special teams. Meller has tackled 38 opponents thus far this year, the third most on the team.

“I do not think my skills are necessarily as refined as many players in the league, but I think I play well anywhere because my strongest trait is my intensity,” said Meller. “I love the game of football, and, any time I step on the field for a game, I change into a different person.”

“Eric shows tenacity while on the field and a desire to win,” said Kruy. “He is a key entity in pumping up the team before a game.”

Kruy, arguably the team’s biggest threat on both offense and defense, is unfortunately sidelined for the rest of season with a back injury. Kruy is a running back on offense and an outside linebacker on defense. Last year, he rushed for 284 yards and tackled 68 players, the second most on the team.

“Joe is one of the fiercest competitors I have ever met,” said Meller. “While I cannot speak for everyone, no other person on our team inspires me to play my best than Joe. When you see how hard he works and how much dedication he puts into the game, it is hard not to want to play better. “

Because Kruy is injured, he and Meller play different roles as captains. Kruy said, “Since I have been hurt, Eric has been the captain who leads by example on the field.”

While Meller can lead on the field, Kruy supports the team with a positive attitude. “I have tried to keep a positive attitude rather than confronting the team in a negative manner when things are not going our way,” Kruy said. “I feel that because I cannot lead by example, positive support from day to day is the best way I can still impact the team.”

Kruy encourages team intensity by exemplifying the motto ‘carpe diem.’ He said, “Not only just every game, but also every practice is an opportunity to prove your abilities and become a better player. Since we are a young team, this is also important for future seasons.”

Right now, Meller and Kruy are keeping the team focused on its main goal, beating Exeter in the final game of the season. “Our main goal is to make sure that the team as a whole is working towards our game against Exeter and maintaining a good level of intensity during every practice,” Meller said. “Luckily, we haven’t had to do much pestering at all because everyone on the team is looking to get better every day.”