Look of the Week: Jessica Yin ’14: Simply Trendy

The elegance of Jessica Yin ‘14 feels natural.

“Uncomfortable clothing ruins self-confidence,” said Yin. “Fashion should be second nature, otherwise you appear to not care, or care too much,” she continued. She stressed the importance of subtle beauty.

Yin said that she mixes and matches mainstream clothing to fit her own fashion ideal.

“[It all depends] on my mood when I wake up, when a day can incite a bit of edginess or color,” said Yin.

Her fail-proof outfits include skinny blue jeans with a simple monochromatic contoured t-shirt and black knee-high boots. Her edgy outfit includes a one-shoulder shirt, shorts no shorter than mid-thigh and gold, laced white sandals.

Yin’s favorite fashion items include white skinny jeans, a solid colored t-shirt, navy blue or white sweaters and long dangly earrings.

“[The jeans] show off form and [the t-shirt] flatters the curves by being tight in the waist, but not too tight,” said Yin.

Despite wearing fitted clothing, Yin warns of the boundary when clothes become too tight. “One will look uncomfortable and feel uncomfortable,” she said.

Yin credits her vast knowledge of fashion to the inspiration she gains from New York City’s SoHo district. “[SoHo] is an artsy street,” said Yin, “I take in the atmosphere and find my fashion style among the artwork and front windows of the boutiques there.”

Yin’s other sources of inspiration stem from her mother and Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model.

When dressing, Yin remembers fashion do’s and don’ts.

“Stick with the safer outfits first, don’t go too flashy and slowly wait until fashion becomes second nature,” said Yin. “[I] avoid wearing too much jewelry and avoid shorts that are too short.”

Yin also pays close attention to the colors of her outfits each season.

“Remember the color of the seasons,” said Yin, “[I wear] complementing colors of the fall leaves, warmer colors for the summer, gray black colors for winter and lighter pastel colors of leaves in the spring.”

For Yin, fashion represents more than just what one wears each day and should develop on its own naturally.

Yin said, “Good fashion is an artwork you will treasure and love, so in order to learn and breath it, first be acquainted with your own style, then find inspiration, and let the flower blossom from there.”