Class of 2014 Elects Lower Reps Clark Perkins ’14 and Junius Williams ’14

After a series of platforms and speeches, students from the classes of 2014 and 2015 elected representatives for their respective classes.

Clark Perkins ’14 and Junius Williams ’14 will represent the Lower class and Tessa Peterson ’15 and Won Woo Kim ’15 will represent the Junior class this year.

Junius Williams is a returning lower from Newark, New Jersey, who currently resides in Tucker House. Williams also participates in Model UN, STAND, Frontline, Drum Line, and Arabic club.

Clark Perkins is a returning lower from Fairfield, Connecticut, who currently resides in Flag House. Perkins also plays JV1 soccer and helped bring Dean’s List to campus.

Perkins feels that class events should be a priority seeing that they were unable to go on a class trip last year. Williams agrees with this statement and feels it should have the highest priority looking forward.

“My platform stated a lot about the needs of continued class events with a big emphasis on taking a big trip this year. Some ideas are going to the Amesbury snow park, a class trip ice-skating, and possibly whale watching at Cape Cod,” said Perkins.

“I really want to improve the amount of class trips seeing that we did not go on one last year. I also think that continuing to build are class identity is very important looking forward,” he continued.

“The first thing I would like to do is increase the number and frequency of class events. This includes movie nights and talent shows,” said Williams.

According to Williams, class apparel and communication are two points that he really hopes are a focus throughout the year.

“The second thing I would like to do out of the box is produce innovative class apparel, aside from just a standard T-shirt, sweatshirt, etc.,” said Williams.

“The third thing I feel is a priority is to increase the accountability and transparency of student council. This means we must create a better communication with the class via a Facebook page,” said Williams.

One innovative idea Williams developed was a Bluecard initiative that would include new stores in downtown Andover.

“The fourth thing I hope to accomplish is to create a Bluecard initiative at Starbucks. This would be a long term project with the ultimate goal of allowing students to use their Bluecard at Starbucks like they currently use at CVS,” said Williams.

Perkins also hopes to continue to create weekend events similar to The Dean’s List concert he set-up last week.

“We also want to spice up the weekend events on campus. I worked a lot last year on getting The Dean’s List to come here. They came here last week and it was a very successful event,” said Perkins.

Williams and Perkins feel their mutual respect for each other’s ideas will help the overall fluidity of their tenure.

“A lot of our plans overlap. For the things that [Perkins] has brought up and the things that that I have brought up, we support each other mutually,” said Williams.

Won Woo Kim is a junior from Seoul, Korea and resides in Rockwell North. He also plays Water polo and the cello.

Tessa Peterson is a junior from Boulder, Colorado and resides in Double Brick House. She also is a defender on JV1 soccer and an avid member of the French Club.

Kim feels that every junior should have a voice on the student council and that his or her opinions should always have a priority.

“The first thing I promised was that every junior will have a voice and that their opinions will be heard in student council. If we are holding a major event, then I will ask the juniors for their opinions. If they ever disagree with something then I will be happy to hear them,” said Kim.

Kim also developed a long-term plan to bring paper towels into the dorms and hopes to accomplish this by the end of the year.

“One of the major things that I feel really helped me in the election was my plan to bring paper towels in the dorms,” said Kim.

“There are no paper towels in the majority of freshman dorms and in the spring I am trying to submit an Abbot Grant to bring paper towels to the dorm,” he continued.

Peterson is looking forward to taking on the responsibilities of a junior representative and further bonding with her class.

“What I am most looking forward to in being junior rep are the opportunities to get involved with my class. I want to get to know people, and I want them to know me. I am really excited to take on responsibilities at PA,” said Peterson.

Peterson has a variety of goals ranging from class bonding to interesting class events.

“My goals for this year are for the freshman class to assimilate fully to life here, for the students of 2015 to bond as a community, for people to participate in not only class events, but to be outgoing in the greater PA community, and finally, to have fun, despite those words’ cheesiness,” said Peterson.