Campaign for Andover Raises $238 Million

Despite a poor financial climate, The Campaign for Andover has raised 238 million dollars towards its goal of 300 million dollars.

Over the past fiscal year, The Campaign for Andover has received 27 million dollars from gifts and pledges, making it the fifth best year of fundraising under Head of School Barbara Chase.

Peter Ramsey, Secretary to the Academy, said, “The Campaign for Andover has helped secure the school financially, and as a result, we haven’t turned any students down in terms of financial aid. We have also been able to fund some wonderful facilities projects.”

According to Ramsey, the Campaign’s current priorities are finishing the Bulfinch renovation, building a new boathouse, collecting up to 15 million in financial aid for need-blind admission, and increasing the Addison Gallery’s endowment.

The Campaign for Andover currently aims to fund the restoration and expansion of Bulfinch Hall.

“Bulfinch Hall is non-code-compliant. This means we have to deal with issues like handicap access. To do so, we need a new entrance on the side and a new elevator as well as new technology systems and basic refurbishment,” said Ramsey.

“The character of Bulfinch, however, will continue to be the same. The chalkboards will remain and the great spaces will remain,” he continued.

The Campaign for Andover has set a goal to raise 7 million dollars for the Bulfinch Hall renovation by December 31, 2011.

The Campaign is also currently raising funds for the construction of the new boathouse.

“The new site for the boathouse is wonderful. It has plenty of acreage, a wonderful span on the river where it is quiet, and is located where you can shoot twice as many boats. The current building is perfect for a conversion to a boathouse as well,” said Ramsey.

The Campaign hopes to raise 5.8 million dollars for the construction of the boathouse by December 31, 2011

Ramsey said that the projected date to reach 300 million dollars that was set seven years ago will most likely be pushed back by a year.

“Our original hope was to reach the goal by June 2012. With what we are looking at now, unless something changes, we are aiming for June 2013,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey also said that the major sources of money for the Campaign for Andover have become diverse.

Parent participation increased by 73 percent compared to last year,

“Although the majority of our giving is alumni based, other sources of support have come from parents as well as corporations and foundations,” said Ramsey.

According to Ramsey, parent participation increased by 73 percent this year.

“We usually receive in the area of about one million dollars per year from corporations and foundations. Parents donate about 2-3 million dollars a year, and in the case of last year, we received 24-25 million dollars from alums,” he added.

According to Ramsey, the leaders of The Campaign for Andover have had a significantly positive impact on the mission as a whole.

“It is very important to thank Oscar Tang, Barbara Chase, and all of our leaders not only for their support but also for their tireless efforts,” said Ramsey.