Athlete of the Week Leah Humes ’12: Girls Soccer

Co-Captain Leah Humes ’12, a senior from Beaconsfield, Canada, netted a key goal in Andover’s huge win over BB&N on Friday. Her performance earned her this week’s Athlete of the Week.

When did you start playing soccer?

I started playing soccer when I was four on a boy’s team.

Any pre-game superstitions?

Definitely circling up as a team before every game when Lisa motivates us to play our best soccer.

How often do you use the phrase “eh?”

I use “eh” way too often. It’s something I’m so accustomed to saying and have only become aware of it since everyone in the States points it out.

Favorite place to order from?

Dominos. You can’t go wrong.

Favorite GVS memory?

Prep Camp in Maine and last year’s Pep Rally skit (especially the bike).

Do you have any hidden talents?

Hidden talents…I can juggle, but barely.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?


What is your favorite animated movie?

Favorite animated movie is “The Lion King” by far.

What are some goals for the season?

Goals for the season are to keep up our winning streak, go far in playoffs and really come together as a team and use all the talent we have to play our best soccer.