PA Welcomes Guest Pianist: Gabriel Chodos

On Friday September 30, world-renowned pianist Gabriel Chodos will share his musical talent in Cochran Chapel.

A member of the Artist Faculty of the New England Conservatory and a former member of the Aspen Music Festival Faculty, Chodos is well known for his musical interpretation of artists such as Beethoven, Chopin and Brahms.

Chodos has performed all over the world, from New York to Japan. The powerful and moving classical music he plays has filled the halls of the Library of Congress, Symphony Hall and Merkin Hall.

Chodos became a winner of the Concert Artists Guild Competition in New York through hard work and dedication. Aube Tzerko- a Schnabel student- was Chodos’s teacher.

Christopher Walter, Instructor in Music, said, “Chodos is an extraordinary performer and a wonderful pianist. His playing is very subtle. He can play quite magically and he has an extraordinary touch on the keyboard.”

“Chodos has always specialized himself on rather few composers; in a way he has immersed himself to learn about them. Overall, he is a very scholarly man,” said Walter.

Chodos will be playing two works at the recital, one of which will be Beethoven’s “Diabelli Variations.”

“This song is rarely played because it is so challenging and long. It was Beethoven’s last piece for the instrument. This is a rare opportunity to hear an extraordinary piece, which will sound great in the chapel,” Walter said.

Chodos has played at Andover before, especially since he lives locally. In the past, he has taught and given lectures around the area.

Walter hopes that many students will take advantage of this great opportunity.

“One of the greatest ways that students can get excited about playing the piano and get really engaged is by witnessing and listening to a real master of the instrument live, not on You Tube,” said Walter.

“There is nothing like experiencing music live by sitting in the front row and really experiencing it,” Walter continued.

Since there are so many students learning how to play the piano, seeing someone so dedicated to the instrument will be truly inspiring.

Although there will be a series of music concerts this year at Andover, there will only be a few piano recitals.

Chodos will perform Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the Cochran Chapel.