Class of 2011 Matriculates to 103 Schools

Members of the Class of 2011 matriculated at 103 different colleges after applying to 265 schools at an average of nine schools per student.

Though the overall number of schools students applied to and matriculated at varied only slightly compared to years past, some institutions had significant increases or decreases in the number of Phillips Academy graduates.

The number of students who enrolled in an Ivy League college increased, with 88 members of the Class of 2011 enrolled at an Ivy League institution, compared to 62 students in 2010.

The Ivy League refers to a group of eight higher education institutions—Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale.

Of the eight, Harvard ,Cornell, Columbia and Princeton saw an increase in the number of students who matriculated from Phillips Academy.

Eleven Phillips Academy students matriculated to Cornell this year, in comparison to the four students from the Class of 2010.

Fewer members of the Class of 2011 matriculated to Yale, Brown and Dartmouth compared to the Class of 2010

Though the same number of Phillips Academy students matriculated to Princeton this year as in 2010, the total number of students who enroll in Princeton has steadily declined over the last five years.

The number of graduates who matriculated to the University of Southern California this past year was nearly the same as the number who matriculated there over the last three years combined.

Duke University saw a decrease in matriculation. Only five Phillips Academy students are attending Duke this fall in comparison with an average of 10 students matriculating to Duke over the past four years.

Students also chose to matriculate at 15 institutions that had not had Phillips Academy graduates over the past five years, including the John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the CUNY, the Berklee College of Music and the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (ESL), a hospitality management program in Switzerland.

According to Anne Ferguson, Acting Director of College Counseling for the Class of 2011, the numbers did not vary much from previous years.

The Class of 2010 applied to more schools and matriculated to just slightly fewer than the Class of 2011.The Class of 2010 applied to 267 schools, compared to 265 this year, and attended 100 different schools, compared to 103 this year.

Ferguson said, “It’s so particular to the year. It’s all about the individuals. There are so many factors. We might have a class with really talented musicians who want to go on and study at conservatories, so that will skew statistics toward music programs.”

“You don’t know that going into the process, and that doesn’t mean next year the school is going to accept more talented musicians,” she continued.

The Class of 2011 was also the first class at Phillips Academy to use electronic applications. 85 percent of all applications last year were submitted electronically, and technology will become an even larger part of the college admissions process this year.

Ferguson said that the college counseling office decided to rework the college counseling system to allow for that change.

“Knowing how important it is for counselors and students to get to know one another… the counselors embarked on a major revamping of the college counseling process. Out of this endeavor emerged a process in which counselors meet more often with individual students and one in which students are asked to be more reflective,” she said.

“Students are writing more at an earlier stage, which assists them in determining which kinds of educational settings they will thrive and gets them thinking about how they will craft their personal statements. Counselors feel this has greatly improved our work with students,” she continued.