Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Providing a zesty and trendy place to hang out and a healthy alternative for a snack, frozen-yogurt boutique Orange Leaf opened its doors this summer to the town of Andover.

Orange Leaf is a frozen yogurt franchise with more than 90 stores in 24 states. Andover’s Orange Leaf is the first to open in Massachusetts, and is the only frozen yogurt parlor in Andover.

Located on 28 Park Street, Orange Leaf is open Sunday through Thursday, 11am to 10pm, and Friday to Saturday, 11am to 11pm.

On entering the brightly lit shop, customers indulge in a novel dessert parlor experience crafted specifically for families.

Unlike traditional frozen yogurt boutiques, Orange Leaf is completely self-service and prices are determined per ounce of yogurt and toppings at approximately 49 cents per ounce.

Customers are welcomed by a row of self-service frozen yogurt machines with a myriad of different flavors. There is something for everyone, ranging from the standard original tart, to fruity flavors for the health-conscious, to decadent and rich flavors like brownie batter, wedding cake and strawberry cheesecake, all either low fat or non fat.

With so many flavors to choose from, customers are even encouraged to sample as many flavors as they desire before deciding on their flavor.

Next an extensive toppings bar greets customers, featuring a vast variety of fruits, breakfast cereals, candy and even mango boba, allowing everyone to customize their frozen yogurt into a healthy snack or a scrumptious indulgence.

The amount of yogurt dispensed is solely up to one’s own choice too. Yogurt cups come in 2 sizes, a large personal cup, and a gigantic cup meant for sharing or just an enormous snack for an individual.

While prices can sometimes hit 10 dollars with the purchase of a ridiculous amount of yogurt, the average frozen yogurt costs between 4 and 5 dollars. Although it is perhaps pricey for an everyday snack, the mouthwatering yogurt is certainly worth it.

Even though frozen yogurt is a healthier alternative to ice cream, no flavor and texture is lost at Orange Leaf.

The yogurt is perfectly chilled so it stays frozen in the cup, but doesn’t cause brain freeze, all with the perfect blend of creaminess.

Not only is the frozen yogurt concept novel, but so too is the design of the shop. In comparison to Andover’s other eating establishments, Orange Leaf offers a vibrant, exciting and open setting.

The electrifying orange interiors, coupled with white modern plastic chairs, sofas and barstools create a vivacious and relaxing atmosphere that attracts many in the search of a snack or a place to chat.

Even though this yoghurt parlor has only just opened, Orange Leaf has gained immense popularity among the residents and students of Andover town.

During afterschool hours on weekdays, both Phillips Academy and local Andover students can be seen swarming to Orange Leaf, as the eatery transforms into the newest place to gather.

Over yummy treats and cute orange spoons, Orange Leaf has become a haven from the rush of daily life.

If you are in search of a healthy yet scrumptious snack, head on over to Orange Leaf and create the treat of your desires!

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