Coming off of a disappointing 2-5 2010 season, Andover Football hopes to perform better this year with the addition of many new players at crucial positions.

This year’s team will have a completely different look. Tommy Shannon ’12 will make the switch from quarterback to wide receiver this season. “Tommy is great because he’s a very team-oriented player,” said Coach Leon Modeste. “He’s more concerned with the team’s success than his own goals or stats. He also has great hands and speed as a receiver.”

“The team’s new players, especially this year’s post-graduates, will play a huge role in the team’s success,” continued Modeste.

Matt Cohen ’12 and Zach Greenberg ’12 are the team’s new tackles. Jack Ward ’13, a starting guard and middle linebacker, said, “Matt and Zach will be a huge force on the line.”

“Our tackles, quite frankly, are ridiculous,” said Modeste. “They are big and fast and will be our dynamic duo this season.”

With Shannon moving to wide receiver this season, post-graduate Tyler West ’12 will be this year’s starting quarterback. Kramer said, “Tyler can beat people with his blazing speed, but can also throw the deep ball very well.”

Trey Brown ’12 will join the team as a running back and linebacker this season as well. Ward said, “Trey has tremendous speed and will be an offense weapon as well as a defensive impact player.”

Returning punts and covering the secondary for Andover will be Labaron Sylvester ’12, another post-graduate. Kramer said, “Labaron will be a force in the secondary and on his returns with his tremendous speed and great hands.”

Overall, Andover’s main strength on offense will be its running game. Kramer said, “Trey and Joe will be working in tandem in the backfield. They both run well between the tackles and have the speed to bounce it outside as well. Tyler, at quarterback, is also a big threat to run.”

“With Tyler, Joe, and Trey, we have three players who all have the ability to run for a long touchdown on any play,” said Modeste.

To get ready for its first game, the team is spending time working on its passing game. “We have some good receivers, but we don’t have a lot a depth. We’re still training some of the new guys because sooner or later, someone’s going to get injured.”