Math Department Honors Student Accomplishments with Department Prizes

After dabbling in derivatives and plowing through pre-calculus, 23 students received prizes for their efforts in mathematics from the Math Department on May 12. The prizes’ format varied, as the Math Department awarded some based on the results of a standard examination and others based on students performance in mathematics competitions outside of the classroom. There were eleven different prizes in total. The Bailey Prize, Convers Prize and Watt Prize were awarded based on students performances on tests administered by the Math Department. Emily Field ’13, Amy Zhao ’14, Ian Song ’13, Tadeas Nemec ’14 and Virginia Fu ’13 were named the five top winners of the Bailey Prize, awarded based on the end-of-the-year examination. The exam had 15 problems about pre-calculus. Fu said, “I got an envelope with a ‘Congratulations!’ and a tax form in my mailbox. I don’t know how much I won; I remember thinking… yay math!” The next prize, the Converse Prize, was based on the examination in plane geometry for students in Math 210 and Math 220. All the teachers in the Math Department collaborated to make this 75 minute exam. David He ’14 won first place, Janine Ko ’14 won second place, Rosalyn Chen ’14 won third place, Zoe Chazen ’14 won fourth place and Mandy Reichenbach ’14 won fifth place. Students received the Eaton Prize, Galbiati Prize, William F. Graham Prize, Bernard Joseph Medal, Robert E. Maynard Prize, McCurdy Prize, Winfield M. Sides Prize and Scoville Prize based on teacher recommendations or participation in math competitions. Jonathan Arone ’14 won the Eaton Prize, geared towards students taking first-year algebra. It was an award for excellence in Math 150 or lower, based on the teacher nomination. Wenyu Cao ’11, Jong Wook Kim ’13 and Jae Shin ’11 received the The Galbiati Prizes as the three top contestants for Phillips Academy in an annual mathematics competition. Liam Murphy ’11 won the William F. Graham Prize. David Ding ’12, Brian Wagner ‘14 and Jeremy Hutton ’11 were awarded with Robert E. Maynard Prize, for their excellence in analytical geometry and calculus. Kevin Qian ’11 won the Bernard Joseph Medal, first awarded in 1960 by Bernard Joseph. Bernard established the prize in memory of his father, David Joseph, for a senior exceptional at mathematics. Jessica Weng ’11 and Raphael Grandeau ’11 won the McCurdy Prize for seniors based on their work in the class and on the BC Calculus Mock AP Exam. The Prize was first awarded in 1941 by the family of the late Matthew S. McCurdy. McCurdy was an instructor in Mathematics at Phillips Academy Though the Winfield M. Sides Prize was first awarded for mechanical drawing, it has become an award for students who excel in the computer science, CompSci-500, class. Sumi Matsumoto ’11 won the award. She said she pursued her passion for computer science outside of the classroom when she “participated in an international competition run by the ACSL (American Computer Science League), which included a written test of five questions that covered various math and logic topics”. Cao, Ding, James Lim ’12, Shin and Wagner won the Watt prize. The Math Department awards this prize based on students’ performance in an examination, which spans all the analytical work of secondary school math. It has been awarded since 1954. Cao also won the Scoville Prize, an award for a project about creative thinking or inventiveness in mathematics.