Athlete of the Week – Softball: Kayla Maloney ’13

Kayla Maloney ’13 smashed two grand slams in back-to-back games in a five home run performance this weekend. Batting a .588, Maloney lead her team to the championship title and earned this week’s Athlete of the Week honor.

Q: Why did you start playing softball?

A: I was 10, and I needed a way to get active and burn off some energy. It was also a good way to blow off some steam. Now, I pitch and hit because I love being involved in every play.

Q: What was it like to win the Big East tournament?

A: It was absolutely amazing. We went into the tournament just hoping for the best because we had multiple injuries and sudden illness on the team. Now that I think about it, the only way to go was up. We worked so hard, and I’m really proud of the way everyone played. This victory was the defining moment of our season.

Q: What’s a must for every good softball pitcher?

A: A sparkly headband and a ribbon, duh!

Q: What do you tell yourself before a game?

A: I use a lot of expletives…

Q: Favorite memory of the season?

A: It was definitely when the team randomly broke into song and dance. “Make My Dreams Come True” [by Hall and Oates] was basically our theme song.

Q: On that note, what’s your favorite pump up song?

A: “Blow” by Kesha.

Q: Every player has superstitions. What are yours?

A: I have to warm up for a full 45 minutes before the game. I also have to warm up my pitches in the same order or I’ll freak out. And as I said, a ribbon is a must.

Q: If you had one superpower that could help you on the field, what would it be?

A: I’d love to have the power to grow when I pitch. I’ve never been tall before!