Under the Bed’s Andover Night Live

Under the Bed brought television to life with their annual Andover Night Live performance last Saturday.

Unlike their typical shows, which consist mainly of improvisation games, Andover Night Live presented the troupe’s own rendition of Saturday Night Live, filled with prepared skits and videos that perfectly mirrored each aspect of the famous television show, from the musical guest and weekend update to the digital short. Also like SNL, UTB actors delivered a tidal wave of hilarious, and often risqué, jokes and impersonations.

UTB set the wild mood of the show as soon as they hit the stage. “I was under the impression that Andover students were this elite group of young people, but my experience tonight has made me think otherwise. First of all, they entered the theater like a pack of animals!” laughed Clare Turchin, a visiting grandmother.

Many audience members agreed that the opening skit was the funniest part of the show. First in the spotlight, Andrew Schlager ’12 appeared with his Barbara Chase impression, dress included, and was quickly met with uproarious laughter from the audience.

“Babs” announced to the room that all the cluster deans had simultaneously resigned and would be replaced with Brad Silnutzer from community service, Garth the Wheelie Guy, stir fry chefs Nino and Waldy and Ms. Buckley from the Athletic Office. She also continued her announcement by declaring OWHL proctor Ms. Rennie as her successor as Head of School.

Will Adams ’11 perfectly captured Brad’s lively, passionate persona, and at one point even picked up a dream catcher, which he then pressed onto his own head and shouted, “The dreamcatcher’s catching me because I am the dream!”

Impressively, the clever skits had been thought up just that morning. “It was all done today…we met at 10:30 after classes and spent all day working,” said Margaret Curtis ’12, a UTB member.

A music video filmed by Pat Wolber ’11 proved to be an additional highlight of the show. In the video, Hemang Kaul ’13 gave a prospective student a tour of the school, taking him everywhere from the Morse basement to the Sanctuary, and through a song, explained an aspect of Andover not normally advertised on school tours.

The chorus of the song, titled “Andover Lovin’,” consisted of the simple, yet deeply moving words, “It’s Andover lovin’/ cook affection in that oven/ we’ve got youth from every quarter/ so some lovin’ is in order.”

Although the skits were roughly planned out, UTB actors still utilized their improvisation skills to occasionally come up with a line or action on the spot. “We know what it’s going to look like, but we just fill it with whatever comes out in the moment. The names always change, the lines are always different,” said Schlager.

Overall, the night was a great success. UTB members left the audience with tears in their eyes from laughing so hard, and the actors had an equally good time. “This is actually my first time doing Andover Night Live and I had such a blast. Everyone is just so much fun to be with,” said Curtis.