Keeping the Tradition Alive

When Michael Wincek ’11 sent a glass door in Morse Hall shattering to the ground, the Senior class held its breath with anticipation. After witnesses to the accident bandaged Wincek up and swept the shattered glass from the steps, the Seniors’ worst fear came true; Senior Spooning was suspended indefinitely.

At this week’s All-School Meeting, Paul Murphy, Dean of Students, announced that Senior Spooning would resume under the condition that if another student were hurt as a result of the game, it would be cancelled.

In students’ first spring at Andover, they inevitably witness disguised seniors huddled around campus doors clutching bunches of spoons tightly in their hands, carefully scanning the campus for potential targets. The impression of this image at first may seem strange, perhaps confusing, but the game quickly transforms into a much-anticipated activity that can only be experienced in the sunshine of Senior Spring.

Through a student’s time at Andover, Senior Spooning comes to epitomize the fun-filled and carefree atmosphere associated with one’s final term on campus. Senior Spooning has integrated itself into the fabric of each student’s expectation of his or her Senior Spring experience. To prohibit the class of 2011 from living through the exciting time that is Senior Spooning would be a tragedy.

The Phillipian Board CXXXIV wants to thank all those involved with the decision to allow the Class of 2011 to continue this cherished tradition.