Big Blue Benefit

Mike MacKay ’11, Student Council President, struck a sorrowful note in the student body yesterday when he noted that although senior spooning has been restarted, Big Blue Bikes remains, unfortunately, suspended. In his piece, “Big Blue Bust,” from The Phillipian Vol. CXXXIV No. 9, Auggie Horner ’14 anticipated what is perhaps part of the reason that this potentially valuable asset to the PA community has proven difficult to implement so far: the two-hour policy.

One of the transgressions MacKay cited in his email explaining why Big Blue Bikes was suspended was the chronic “squirreling” of bicycles, failure to return the bikes within two hours, or at all. This suggests that the two-hour policy may not be the best timeframe for bike use.

Few would argue that blue bikes are a bad idea. Andover students are always in a rush, and most wish they had a bike now and then to get back from practice in time to start that paper or just to make it to first period. But the two-hour policy precludes the possibility of these advantages. Before reinstating Blue Bikes, Student Council should devise a system that allows students to take full advantage of the bikes while sharing them evenly throughout the community.

This Editorial represents the views of The Phillipian Editorial Board CXXXIV.