Andover Survives Killington

Andover Cycling had two top ten finishers, Matt Lloyd-Thomas ’12 in fourth and Yuto Watanabe ’11 in seventh in the Boys A race, a 5.5 mile time trial in Killington, Vermont. Austen Novis ’11 finished thirteenth and third for Andover. Racing straight up a mountainside, the Andover cycling team faced an extremely challenging first race of the season. “We’ve practiced on some pretty steep hills, but those are nothing compared to the hills in this race,” said Brandon Sneider ’12. This race was one of Andover’s largest of the season as Deerfield, Exeter, Holderness, Gould, SMS, Proctor, Burke, KUA and White Mountain were all competing. “The race was all uphill so it was really difficult,” said Alex Morrow ’12. “It was literally a mountain, so the rest of the season will hopefully seem easy in comparison.” The mountain was a challenge for all racers and many had to stop and walk for stretches. After the impressive performances in the Boys A race, newcomers Raphael Grandeau ’11 placed sixth and Sneider captured 20th in the Boys B race. “I thought I did alright, but I will definitely do better next time,” said Sneider. The girls also had impressive races as Morrow and Marga Kempner ’12 placed second and fifth in the girls A race respectively. In her first race ever, Linda Blanken ’11 finished 19th. Morrow said, “I think we all did pretty well for our first race. We have a really strong team this year, and we are only going to improve from here.” “I’m excited for this year because I have a lot more racing experience,” said Lloyd-Thomas. “We have a great team this year with much more experience than last year. There are some new, challenging races this year, and I hope that we can win the Boys A division.” After this strong start to the season, the team is looking forward to racing Exeter on Saturday. Coach Zaeder said, “[This was] a great start and we will really show them on Saturday with the full team in tow.”