Andover Can’t Secure the Sweep

In a key matchup at Lake Quinsigamond, Andover’s G1 and G2 easily fended off Simsbury, Brookline and Boston Latin but could not demonstrate the composure needed to beat Exeter for the sweep. “The strong headwind made the races long and the conditions tough, but we made the best of it and pushed through,” said Nora Princiotti ’12. In spite of a second loss on their record, both varsity boats exhibited spurts of potential. Andover G1 showcased an excellent start to gain the edge off the line but could not manage to pull away from Exeter as the race wore on. “We fought neck and neck with Exeter and were able to hold them when they took their moves,” said Kristen Faulkner ’11. “Unfortunately, they were able to hold us when we took our moves, so we ended up close the whole way.” The G1 race came down to Exeter and Andover far ahead of the pack in the last 500 meters. Exeter kicked on Andover with an early sprint, building a lead which they maintained until the end. Nonetheless, Andover G1 finished in an impressive 5:37.9, trailing Exeter at 5:34.2. In the G2 heat, Andover fell behind with a rough start but picked up its intensity in the end and finished strong. “We hit our stride once we passed the first 500 meter mark, where we really began to work together,” said Princiotti. Only Exeter, finishing at 6:05.0, could hold Andover at bay as G2 grabbed second in 6:19.6. A bright spot on the day was an overwhelming victory by Andover G3, who led Exeter by open water. “The G3 boat this year is really proving to be a force to be reckoned with,” said Princiotti. As this season’s high-caliber competition becomes evident, Andover will focus on unity in the boat to give them an advantage. “When our boat is working together well, the whole really becomes more than just the parts,” said Princiotti. “We’ve got some pretty strong parts, so if we can consistently reach the point where we are all working together, it will be truly amazing.” Longer pieces, mixed in with shorter sprints, will be essential in practice to attain such composure, which will also greatly benefit Andover’s in-race moves and sprint. Andover Girls Crew will have two weeks of preparation before seeking their first victory against St. Paul’s, CRI and Hanover at home, on Saturday, May 7th.