Nobles Rallies past Andover

Despite jumping to an early 1-0 lead, Andover could not hold their own against Nobles on Saturday, losing 3-1. Although Andover started the game off strong with a their 1-0 lead, and ultimately rang up more hits than the host team, Nobles’ three-run, three-hit run in the fourth inning solidified their lead for the rest of the game. A leadoff double by Anne Doherty ’11 started off a competitive fourth inning. Kristen Mendez ’13 followed Doherty’s double with a single, putting runners on first and third, raising Andover’s hopes of victory. However, instead of establishing a lead, their scoring opportunity was spoiled by the three straight strikeouts that followed. The fifth inning followed a similar pattern, as Sarah Onorato’s ‘11 single, and Caitlin Clancy’s ’13 reach on a dropped fly ball did not end in any runs for Andover due to the three outs that followed soon after. In between these rallies, Nobles was able to seize the reigns of the game and make their mark on the scoreboard. The first Nobles batter beat Clancy’s throw to first and went on to steal second as Andover struggled to recover from the play. Runners were safe at first and second after a bloop single that landed on the edge of the outfield grass. The next batter tripled, launching the ball to deep left field, scoring on a mishandled relay. Shooting their score up from 0 to 3 in just one inning, Nobles proved they were prepared for victory. Coach Drench said, “Nobles made the most of their one big opportunity while we kept failing one hit short of breaking open the game.The team played well under challenging conditions—heavy Friday Boston-area traffic, blinding sun due to the late afternoon start, wind, cold—but we lacked a knockout punch. I’m confident that before too long we’ll learn how to put away good teams when we have the chance.” With the disappointing 3-1 loss, the team looks forward to proving themselves against the Middlesex School on Saturday.