Andover Captures The Dent Oars

Rowing down the final stretch of the race course, Andover’s B1 boat maintained a small lead and closed out the final 250 meter sprint to defeat Kent for the first time since 2007. “After we crossed the line ahead of them, we were ecstatic, and I know that none of us will ever forget that moment,” said Cal Brooks ’11. In this hugely successful weekend for Andover, both varsity boats pulled their way to first place over Kent, highlighting the team talent this year. “We’re off to a great start, and by beating Kent we have shown that we have the potential to be a contender in any competition,” said Brooks. Pulling a 4:36.1, B1 glided across the finish line 3.9 seconds before Kent and took home the prized Dent Oars. With a higher stroke rate than usual, the team jumped ahead early on, but struggled later in the race from the increased pace. “Our legs were burning and fatigue was already setting in with the race less than half way done. We did a great job of continuing to row well and just grinding out the race, but we didn’t walk on them very much after taking our initial move, we were more just holding them off for quite a bit of the race,” said Brooks. Finishing a decisive 4.7 seconds before opponents, B2 pulled a 4:57.4 and also claimed an exciting victory against Kent. “We [B1] rowed a great race. We really put everything out on the water, and the reason we won is that we all gave everything together,” said Henry Kennelly ’13. Tomas Weaver ’11 added, “Apart from a minor mistake or two, we rowed solidly technically and certainly pushed ourselves to the very limit in terms of effort.” Despite this outstanding race, the team still hopes to improve as the season goes on. “We are immensely proud of our accomplishment, but we are all aware that there is much work to be done if we want to be successful at NEIRAs [New England Interscholastic Rowing Association] this spring,” said Dan Larson ’11. “Now we have to put that win behind us and keep on pushing until the end of the season,” agreed captain Julian Danziger ’11. This Saturday, Andover will travel to race against St. John’s, Simsbury, and Exeter. The team hopes to carry the confidence inspired by last weekend’s race to bring home a win.