Phillips Academy’s The PeaseKeepers

Students gathered in The Den to be treated to a vibrant musical performance by the Pease House Band last Saturday night.

Now known as The Peasekeepers, the group has immense stage presence and talent, largely due to the fact that the members of the band live together in the same dorm, Pease House.

“Pease House Band was formed once we realized that we had enough musical talent within the dorm to start a rock band. For example, I sing and play the guitar, Jeb Roberts ’11 plays the guitar and drums, Cal Brooks ’11 plays the bass guitar, Thomas Armstrong ’11 plays the saxophone and piano, and Will Park ’11 plays violin,” said Sky Yoo ’11 in an email to The Phillipian.

The night began with a guitar performance by Roberts, lead guitarist of The Peasekeepers.

Roberts played a song he had written over spring break titled “Centauri.”

This song featured a dramatic backtrack of rain and thunder as well as an electric and fast paced guitar part.

The rest of the gang gathered on stage to perform a version of “Hard to Handle” by the Black Crows, an intense rock song featuring Armstrong, Roberts, Brooks, Park, Yoo and the band’s good friend, Dominick Chang ’11.

“[Chang] is a total bro. He helps us by playing pretty much any instrument we need him to play, from drums and guitar to bass. He has earned his status as an honorary ‘dobbin,’ a Pease House member, through his contributions to the band,” said Yoo.

Revealing a soft side to the rock group, Yoo and Roberts performed an acoustic version of Dispatch’s “The General.”

Their voices gave the popular tune a certain rawness, and the acoustic guitar meshed well with their singing.

“Our inspiration is our own burning passion for music. We all listen to music often and even though we have very different tastes in music, when we find a song that we all happen to like, we can all buckle down together and practice the song to make it ours,” said Yoo.

Luckily, the band found this bonding song early on. “Flobot’s ‘Handlebars’ was a rock-rap song that clicked in all us and basically ignited the band’s chemistry,” said Yoo.

The Peasekeepers ended their show with the first song they ever performed, the band’s spin on the classic and fun tune of Flobot’s “Handlebars.”

The energy they brought to the stage showed their love of music.

Park started the piece with a beautiful violin solo, and Yoo’s voice joined in softly. The song rose in intensity as all members of the band began playing their respective instruments.

The show ended with the famous mantra repeated by teenagers around the world today, “I can ride my bike with no handlebars.”

The audience in the den truly enjoyed the Peasekeeper’s performance, often cheering and dancing to their music. “Our band’s philosophy is to share the fun with the audience by having fun ourselves while playing music. We might not be the most technically advanced band on campus, but I believe we do have the most chemistry,” said Yoo.