Lee ’13 Bounces Back to Lead Andover to 7-2 Victory

Girls Varsity Tennis played their second match of the season against Groton this past Monday, claiming a 7-2 victory over a strong opposing squad. “Groton was a stronger, deeper team than BB&N was, but we rose to the challenge very well,” said Co-Captain Elizabeth Kelly ’11.

The team rallied behind the comeback victory of Katherine Lee ’13, who fell behind early in her match 2-7, but came back to win 9-7.

Due to a 5:00 pm start time, the teams elected to each play one eight game pro-set. In other words, the first player to win eight games won her match.

Unlike the team’s match last week against BB&N, the conditions were nothing short of excellent. Monday was warm, sunny and only a little breezy, unlike the high winds of last Wednesday’s game.

The team managed to win their second match of the season, even without their best doubles team. Charlotte Aaron ’14 and Mackenzie Strabala ’13 stepped up to fill in for them. Katherine Lee ’13 said she “was excited to finally see Charlotte, a new freshman on the team play her first match. She played very well and fought hard, even though they ended up losing.” Although they lost 1-8, they provided an optimistic insight into the team’s future.

Aaron said, “It was so much fun to play 1 doubles with Mackenzie. It was very challenging. Our opponents had been playing doubles together for at least a year so we were definitely the underdogs. It was a very good match even thought they beat us.”

Borkeny Sambou ’12, Stacia Vladimirova ’11, Kelly and the team of Sambou and MJ Engel ’13 each claimed decisive victories to contribute to the team’s winning effort. Coach Chase summed up the match, saying, “The girls pushed through and played the sort of tennis they’re capable of. We had a great match today.”