Coaches Spotlight Steve Carr Boys Soccer and Lacrosse

Stephen Carr, Head Coach of Boys Varsity Soccer and Boys Varsity Lacrosse, will be leaving Andover next year to take the position of Director of Admissions at his alma mater, Belmont Hill. Coach Carr has been an Associate Director of Admissions at Andover since 2002.

“The chance to take a leadership position in an Admissions Office is a great opportunity that I didn’t want to give up,” said Carr. “It’s a great school and a special community to me because I went there.”

Though Carr feels the decision to switch schools was the right one, he says he will miss Andover when he leaves. “It sounds corny, but I will miss everything,” Carr said. “It’s the only school I’ve worked at and I feel lucky that I got that opportunity. The faculty and community are unbelievable. Working under Jane Fried, [Dean of Admissions] along with amazing coworkers was a great experience and I learned quite a bit.”

As a coach at Andover, Carr has also forged several great relationships with some of the students at Andover as well. Carr said, “Outside the office, I will miss being able to coach such great kids. I feel like it is a very special place because of the people you get to work with, whether it is the students, faculty, or people in general. Everyone is kind and motivated here.”

It is still uncertain what Carr will do in the athletic department at Belmont Hill. He wants to concentrate on his admissions job. “I will probably take the year off of sports to get adjusted to the new job,” he said. “In the near future, I don’t plan on head coaching at the varsity level. The first year will be about adjustment, but after that I think I may try to work with younger kids. Still, nothing is decided as of yet.”

In terms of who will fill in for Carr here at Andover, only one thing has been decided for sure. Coach Bill Scott will replace Carr as head coach of the soccer team. Coach Carr said, “[Coach Scott] has coached for about 18 years, and he is a legend in this program. He has won a couple of New England championships, and has been an assistant at the college level at Stanford. He is highly qualified and a very successful man.”

It is still uncertain who will coach the lacrosse team in 2012. Coach Steve Moreland will remain an assistant and the school is yet to hire a new head coach.

Many of Carr’s favorite memories have been on the field. His favorite memory of lacrosse here at Andover was last year’s game against Brewster, which went into overtime.

Carr said, “One of the reasons why it stands out is that it was an emotionally challenging week for me and it really felt like we put a little extra effort out there to get a thrilling win. The number of people that walked up to me after who expressed that they were thinking about my family really made me feel like a part of the community.”

Although Carr is certainly looking forward to his new position at Belmont Hill, he will undoubtedly miss his time at Andover. “Leaving Andover is certainly going to be difficult for me,” Carr said. “Taking the position of Director of Admissions at Belmont Hill is a bittersweet feeling. It is an exciting professional opportunity, but it’s certainly going to be tough not coaching some of the rising seniors and leaving such an amazing community.”

Coach Carr will definitely leave some big shoes to fill as he leaves for Belmont Hill, but right now he is still concentrating on coaching one last great season with the Boys Lacrosse team this spring.