Look of the Week: Pei Choong ’11

“I prefer to be versatile and I dress according to my mood. Sometimes I have colorful days and non-colorful days,” said Dhanaporn (Pei) Choong ’11.

Though she may have her colorful days, Choong wore mostly black to the interview – a black long sleeved shirt and black tights – but paired these with white shorts.

Some people fear wearing shorts in winter, but Choong said, “They are more comfortable than jeans, in my opinion. I had a phase when I wore jeans every day, but [not anymore].”

Choong wore grey mid-calf lace-up leather boots. “I usually wear taller boots that are at least mid-calf or to the knee,”said Choong. She also wore a black bomber vest with a hood that had a turquoise blue lining.

The bright blue was her pop of color. She also spiced up her look with three varied rings, a necklace and fingernails painted black and metallic white. She carried her backpack with her – a unique grey bag with spikes.

“I never go without my rings,” she said. “I change one [on my index finger] every day, but the other two [one, a class ring] I keep with me at all times. I like to play around with accessories,” said Choong.

Choong prefers to accessorize with jewelry from unique places, like street shops in Thailand. “I get my inspiration from [people-watching] on the streets. [Teenagers] wear such trendy things. I go to small shops and get handmade items,” said Choong.

Choong also gets inspiration from fashion photography and fashion blogs. “It is sometimes really over the top, but you can tone it down and pull it out,” said Choong.

“I get bored easily. I flip through a magazine once, but then I’m not interested. [There is] a high turnover rate in my closet.” Although Choong draws from a variety of styles, she never touches clothing that is too girly. “If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s [being] frilly and poufy. I am girly sometimes, but never frilly and poofy,” she said.

Choong described a dress she purchased in downtown Andover for a very reasonable price.

“It’s black with large white panels….almost checkered, I guess. It’s very geometric. In my spare time I like to think about what shoes I would wear with it. I’m more simple….[I look for] a make-an-impact dress. It was perfect; just my size and at a low price.”

Choong has a wide range of clothing and styles. “The only thing that brings my clothes together – [is] having one thing that I think is unique or quirky or something that no one’s seen before….[there is] an unexpected factor.”

Choong may think her clothing styles seem to vary wildly and come from a broad spectrum of styles, but she said, “I found a style that I’m comfortable in, here [at Andover]. I’m still experimenting. I think it’s fun to look out for new stuff. But I think I found [clothes]…I understand what suits me as opposed to before, when I used to not care and not think. I get really excited about my clothes [now].”