PA Executes Against Exeter

Midori Ishizuka ’11, June Supapannachart ’11 and Captain Amanda Howland ’11 won their final regular season matches of their Andover careers in three games, carrying the team to victory in their match against Exeter on Wednesday. “My Exeter match was all about determination. It didn’t matter that my arm was hurting or my shots weren’t as tight as I wanted them to be, I was determined to win and, thanks to some great fans and some hard work, I did,” said Howland. Although Andover faced off with Exeter earlier this season and experienced “one of the closest matches” all year, Andover’s seniors crushed their competition this time. Adele Bernhard ’14, number one on Andover’s ladder, captured the final win to secure Andover’s victory, demonstrating “fierce determination and terrific composure,” said Coach Jennifer Elliott. Elliott later added, “It was so exciting! It was a huge win for the whole team. I was so happy that our team was able to finish the season on such a high note. This is such a special group of girls…they deserved it!” Bernhard, finishing her first season at Andover having competed in her first Andover/Exeter game, applauded Andover’s accomplishments throughout the season and the team’s senior leadership. “As a team, each and every one of us played with such determination and focus it was thrilling. Throughout this season we have worked so hard and this win really showed it. There’s nothing like a win against Exeter, and I am proud of our team… Congratulations to Amanda [Howland], Midori [Ishizuka] and June [Supapannachart] who finished their squash careers with such enthusiasm and true leadership skills,” said Bernhard. Winning the match against Exeter helped the team rebound after a tough loss to Groton last weekend. Groton “challenged [Andover] to play our best game and really focus on our strokes,” said Jessica Lee ’13. Although Andover fell to Groton in a clean sweep, several games came down to the final game with Andover losing by only a few points. In the fifth and final game of her match, Lee lost 11-9. “I have had close matches this season, and I really wanted to pull out the win,” said Lee who expressed a lot of frustration over her match. The team still felt that they walked away with some valuable experience. “While I lost a really tough game, I enjoyed our Groton match a lot. Losing can be tough, but when it is a hard fight, sometimes I think that it is worth it… Despite our loss, you could definitely see improvement, which is really important before our big game against Exeter,” said Lee. Ending with their big win, Andover heads into the final stretch of their season as they prepare for the A Division New England tournament on Saturday and Sunday at Deerfield.