Candidates in Their Own Words

I am a three-year Upper, an avid member of student council, a proud member of the “too-hot to handle” class of 2012 and a day student of the Andover community. And, there are many changes I want to see happen. I know I would be an amazing school president because I am determined. Over the years, I have learned it is important to help the Juniors learn about the multitude of opportunities at Andover. The faster the Juniors learn about the extracurriculars available, the stronger our clubs become and the closer our community grows. The more proactive our president is, the quicker change can happen. I have recently set up meetings with Mr. Murphy and other faculty advisers who can clarify where student council can step in. Concerns such as Blue Card accessibility, Wi-Fi, school-wide apparel and more textbooks available in the library are important to me because they are the concerns of student body. So remember, read my platform and vote Bri for school president. Brianna Barros is a three-year Upper from North Andover, MA. I am the best candidate for Student Council President because I can stay organized and work at something until I get it done. In my approach of this campaign and eventual world domination, I try to maintain a proper balance of idealism and practicality. Being that we are the greatest school in the US of A (corniness aside), we have the capacity to accomplish anything, and we should also have the power to adjust the way the school runs to better suit our needs. I want to be the person that works ’round the clock to turn your ideas into reality. We need to focus on things we can change. Simple things, such as the school giving more thought to our advisor requests or creating a more in-depth course book with class expectations, are some examples of changes that can be made with no stress on budget. For more of my ideas, watch my 1-minute campaign video coming out next week. PA needs a leader that will work relentlessly to improve the day-to-day lives of its students, and I am confident that I can fill that role. Colton Dempsey is a three-year Upper from Greenwich, CT. I wish to be elected Student Council President, and if elected, I plan to begin working on “The Initiative,” a program designed to improve the all-around quality of life for Andover students by addressing the three most important aspects of life here. 1. The connection between students and the “higher power”: we need a Presidential Round Table for formally discussing issues, an online suggestion box and an online blog for actively discussing and forming solutions. 2. The connection between students and teachers: we should have midterm evaluations offering surveys and meeting times to allow students to assess their teachers while teachers detail their assessments of students’ effort and work. 3. The connection between students and other students: we should have new student bonding to connect new students with returners so all can feel comfortable throughout the year and Blue Key meetings to make sure Blue Keys maintain relationships with new students. I hope to be able to institute this program next year while giving this school a likeable President that it is proud to call its own. Khalil Flemming is a three-year Upper from Lynn, MA. Why would I be the best President of the student body? Because YOO can do it! A week ago, I began looking into the student archives going back to 1995 and really started searching for initiatives that past student councils started but never finished. I have also talked with presidents from previous years and asked about visions for the school that they ran out of time to accomplish. What I’ve learned is simple: Andover has a lot of “unfinished business.” With my six initiatives, I hope to build off the past and move Andover into the future. Blue Pages. Academic Advisory Board. Senior Mentorship. United League of New England Prep Schools. Renovation of Uncommons. With your vote, we can make these plans become a reality. Remember… a vote for Min Jae is a vote for YOO. Be sure to check the website this Saturday, where all the “unfinished business” will be outlined in detail ( Min Jae Yoo is a two-year Upper from Seoul, South Korea. Hey readers! My name is Uday Singh and I would love to be your Student Council President. As an Upper Rep, a founder of Big Blue Bikes, and the creator of the new, I have the most experience in developing and creating projects on campus. My platform, THE 5INGH PLAN, is designed to provide the Academy with five tangible goals (which can be found either on PAnet or For those of you that don’t know, my first goal concerns Big Blue Bikes. The second discusses the implementation of School-Wide Wi-Fi and my plan to do so. My third goal is about AndoverList (Phillips Academy’s first online marketplace) and DormForm (a database to get room dimensions before you move in). The fourth is about the creation and renovation of (which is doing a demo launch on February 27th). Lastly, the TrueBlue Card Initiative will provide further practical uses for the BlueCard. There is so much we can do, and I hope that come this Thursday, you will do the right thing and vote Singh! Uday Singh is three-year Upper from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. My name is Yuni Sumawijaya, and I like long walks in the beach, bubble baths, getting caught in the rain and Andover. About a month ago while I was sleeping in chem class, before this campaign even started, I had a dream. A dream of an Andover student whose backpack was a little too heavy, whose wallet was a little too empty, who was a little bit tired, who was unsure of his GPA and who got let out late from his classes in Sam Phil. That’s when I knew that I had to help. As President, I would work my hardest to get Amazon Kindles with textbooks on them for rental at the library, more discounts downtown, report cards online, continuous dining, bells in Sam Phil, two-ply toilet paper and classes to begin an hour late during February freeze. You deserve the best; let me take care of the rest. Yuni Sumawijaya is a two-year Upper from Jakarta, Indonesia.