Who Needs Head of School Day?

Mrs. Chase, I respect your decision to not give us Head of School Day yet. On second thought, I don’t respect your decision–I admire it. Whoever said winter term was hard and miserable was just blowing smoke. Winter term is a joke! My grades are way up from last term. The day ends earlier, so I get more sleep, and I couldn’t imagine a better place to walk around for a combined 10 miles a day than the sunny streets of Andover in February. In fact, I was quite upset when you gave us Head of School Day last year because, quite frankly, I love spending my days sleeping in class and my nights sleeping at home and that little day off you gave us really ruined my nocturnal cycle. This year, I’m glad to see that you’ve realized your mistake and have so far corrected it. Why should we get a day off for no reason? We all came to Andover expecting to go to school every day. Three quarters of us even agreed to live on campus to show our dedication to academic endeavors. It’s absolutely absurd that you would even think of giving us a day off. That thought shouldn’t even cross your mind. After all, when we’re the leaders of the world, we won’t ever get a day off. We aren’t like public school, Mrs. Chase. We don’t cancel mandatory school-related meetings for trivial things like floods, Martin Luther King Jr. Day or snow. Oh wait. I forgot that you did cancel school because of snow, didn’t you? You’re getting soft, Mrs. Chase, too soft. We all applauded you when you didn’t cancel school that Wednesday when there were only 10 inches of snow on the ground, but then you shut down everything for a mere 15? C’mon Mrs. Chase, you’re slacking! You even gave us a delay once when there were only five inches of snow (granted, you did make up for it by getting rid of conference period that day.) Look, we love working hard. It’s what we live for. Why do you think we are all so miserable on the weekends? It’s not because there’s nothing to do on campus, it’s because we can’t go to class. Nobody wants to sit around. We just want to go to class more often. It’s hard enough to pass the time on weekends, Mrs. Chase, and an extra day off during the week would just kill us inside. Don’t give it to us because we don’t want it. When you came down to lower right on Monday, I must confess that I was scared. We were all really nervous that you would get rid of classes the next day. Didn’t you see all the anxious faces in the crowd? When you gave a thumbs down, we screamed. You may have thought we were angry, but, Mrs. Chase, we love you and could never get mad at you. We were jumping for joy, not anger, ecstatic that we could go to the library and do our homework for five to six classes the next day. You proved yourself yet again on Wednesday night when everybody was dreading Head of School Day the next day. We checked our phones every minute hoping to not get any bad news, and when the texts didn’t come, we smashed our phones in happiness. Only at Andover, right? We’re so lucky. So, Mrs. Chase, I’m going to leave you with this: just keep doing what you’re doing. I’m telling you truthfully that we all want you to cancel Head of School Day for good, and if you don’t, I promise that the student body will be fuming. You have been warned. Don’t sell out, Mrs. Chase, and please don’t give us that “much needed” day off because it is not needed at all. The show must go on, Mrs. Chase, so listen to your students and get rid of Head of School Day. Sahil Bhaiwala is a two-year Lower from Andover, MA.