Andover Saves Energy but Loses Green Cup Challenge to Deerfield

Although 25 dorms reduced their energy usage, Phillips Academy lost the three-week Andover-Deerfield Green Cup Challenge last Friday. Patricia Russell, Instructor in Science and Sustainability Coordinator, said, “[Deerfield had an advantage] because they have fewer dorms. They have 16 and we have 26. When a small number of dorms there make a big effort, the results are bigger.” “Deerfield also had a couple of dorms that made a huge effort. Over the long weekend, they really shut everything off. We sort of did,” she continued. Andover’s larger dorms feature bigger heating systems, electricity pumps and less-efficient lights, which all require more energy. Of all the dorms on campus, Eaton Cottage had the largest decrease in overall energy consumption and in energy consumption per person. Other top-reducing dorms included Andover Cottage, Pemberton Cottage, Samaritan House and Johnson Hall. These dorms had the next highest percent reductions overall and per person. During the course of the three-week Andover-Deerfield Green Cup Challenge, Andover saved 1,000 dollars and 7,000 kilowatt-hours and avoided using 9,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. Russell hopes to hold similar challenges throughout the year to continue the eco-friendly initiatives. Russell said, “Now that we have the Gunga Data site, we can set up lots of competitions.” She hopes for cluster competitions or girls-versus-boys dorm competitions in the future. Gunga Data only shows electricity reduction, but Russell said, “There are lots of other things we can do to reduce energy usage as a community.” Andover can make more conscious efforts about the amount of water used and trash created. She said, “If we as a school aren’t working towards these goals, then we aren’t reinforcing what we teach in the classroom… We really have to be a role-model to what we are teaching in the classroom.” Russell also described how one of the most significant energy-reducing techniques is reducing meat consumption because farming is a very energy intensive business. “Paresky Commons is looking to reduce the amount of meat purchased, especially the amount of beef. They are also looking to switch over the meat they do buy to farms that are less energy intensive,” said Russell. Elaine Kuoch ’11, Co-Head of Eco Action, helped organize the Green Cup Challenge Video competition to raise awareness about the Green Cup Challenge. Andover Movie-Maker’s Club won the competition with their winning video “Pandamonium.” Nick Camarda ‘11, co-president of the Andover Movie-Maker’s Club, attributed the movie’s success to the video’s humorous tone. Kuoch said, “[The video competition] is another way to promote greenness on campus. It draws attention to the Green Cup Challenge.” Russell said, “[The videos] have a lot of good messages in them. They attracted a lot of attention.” The video “Pandomonium” featured a panda, which appeared whenever students did things that could harm the environment. Andover Movie Maker’s video was inspired by the Panda Cheese commercials. Camarda said, “It’s good to have this form of media to spread around campus because everyone can relate to a funny video.” Camarda hopes that the video will remind people to go green in a light-hearted way. “It will help people remember things like turning the lights off, because maybe they will imagine a panda who will smack them in the face,” he said.