Howland ’11 Comeback Secures Andover Win

In the match against Middlesex, Captain Amanda Howland ’11 sealed Andover’s victory for the second week in a row. “Coming off my Groton loss I was really looking forward to playing Middlesex. I ended up losing the first two games by a really close margin but I had friends in the stand and the overall match score was tied so I knew I had to win it. Winning in five games was so satisfying,”said Howland. Bouncing back from her two-game deficit, Howland took control of the game, winning the last three sets. “Howland modeled for her teammates how to adjust her game, play intelligently, and compete ferociously! It was awesome,” said Coach Jennifer Elliott. Several other players participated in nail-biting matches throughout the day. Adele Bernhard ’14, ranked number one on Andover’s ladder, and Midori Ishisuka ’11 each won hard-earned victories in four games. Jessica Lee ’13, at number two, also won in a tight four-game match. “The match against Middlesex was probably one of the most competitive matches this season. It was great for us to beat a team like that,” said Lee. All three players fought talented and hardworking opponents but triumphed in the end to give Andover an edge that day. Caroline von Klemperer ’12 played “one of her best matches of the season” winning decisively in just three games, according to Coach Elliott. “It was fantastic to play such a close, competitive team. Winning was equally fun,” Von Klemperer said. Excited about the intensity of all the matches, Coach Elliott said, “it is always incredibly exciting, nerve-wracking, and adrenaline-pumping when we do have close matches!” She later added, “Our ability to pull out the last few close matches is incredibly revealing of our team’s mental toughness, camaraderie, and fitness! I was so proud of the whole team.” As the team picked up energy, they headed into their Monday match against Brooks enthusiasm. After several thrilling games, Andover emerged with some exciting victories. Howland defeated her opponent in just three games. “All in all, our record is now even and we’re looking forward to ending with more wins than losses” said Howland. Rebounding from an illness, Catherine Choi ’13 played well. She commented on the match saying, “My Brooks opponent got more aggressive as we entered the third game, so that was a change that I had to adapt to by responding differently to her shots and altering my own shots. I really liked my Brooks match because I had completely recovered from being sick the week before, and I felt so alive and energetic on court. It was great.” The team enjoyed the liveliness of the match and worked hard for the win. Without any games this weekend, Andover will spend their free time preparing for High School Nationals, which will happen next week. The team looks forward to adding more wins to their record and becoming even more competitive in their coming matches.