Yuni Sumawijaya ’12 A Splash of Confidence

“My look is a taco,” said Yuni Sumawijaya ‘12, a fashionista from Indonesia. Her style compiles clothing of ranging textures and subtle shades, accented with bold accessories for a sophisticated yet always surprising look. Varying from fringed suede boots to striped sweaters and tan leather bomber jackets, Sumawijaya exemplifies classic fashion. She adds a twist with unique pieces, such as the faux fur vest she pairs with a simple top and jeans. Sumawijaya’s typical school day outfit consists of dark skinny pants that she refers to as “peggings,” paired with a loose top or sweater. Some of her tops have ruffles or stripes, but Sumawijaya stays away from most other patterns, except the occasional subtle floral. Her color palette sticks to dark colors but sometimes incorporates greens. “I don’t want [patterns or bright colors] to be dominant in the outfit,” said Sumawijaya. Sumawijaya does not chase trends, but adores classic pieces like blazers and simple stud earrings. She used to wear an arm full of bracelets, but now she chooses her favorite one. Artistic necklaces make frequent appearances in Sumawijaya’s outfits. She often spices up a simple look with lavender or gold flats, or other favorite shoes such as boat shoes and gladiator sandals. Last year, Sumawijaya added a splash of individuality to campus when she frequently carried a bright blue backpack shaped like a whale. Easy to spot around campus, the bag exemplified Sumawijaya’s quirky, fun and sweet personality. The simplicity of Sumawijaya’s style radiates confidence, but she has refined her fashion since she came to Phillips Academy. She said, “I don’t really think I’m adventurous. I tone it down when I’m at school…[My style has] become more neutral.” Though Sumawijaya’s wardrobe stays understatedly chic at school, she wears much bolder ensembles when she ventures off campus. “I tend to [go all out] more when I go shopping or when I’m in a big city,” she said. She explains there is less of an occasion to dress up for school but does not bemoan this. She often incorporates distinctive pieces, like large cocktail rings or pendant necklaces, into her casual outfits. Because Sumawijaya resists parting with any items, her wardrobe bursts with eclectic accessories and favorite staples accumulated over years of shopping and travel. She feels sentimentally attached to all of the pieces, which come from stores ranging from street vendors to J. Brand. “I swear by [J. Brand’s] jeans,” she said. Sumawijaya believes that all of her clothes could eventually serve some kind of purpose. “They have such value, even years later,” she said. “I still wear clothes I wore in seventh grade or younger.” Sumiwijaya’s incredible eye for shopping and her diverse wardrobe, collected from far-flung sources, make her style inimitable. She said, “I don’t follow trends and I don’t read magazines for fashion…I like to be unique.”