Counsel from the council

When you hear “student council,” what’s the first thing to come to mind? Class reps? Uday’s freestyle rapping prowess? Lazer-eyed leaders that can, both physically and metaphorically, make anything explode? How about efficient? How about approachable? How about all of the above. Ladies and gentlemen, you have a one-of-a-kind student council this year. A student council with incredible chemistry. Our student leaders are working so well together that you would only see this kind of chemistry between people who are dating. Come to think of it, that would explain a lot. That said, we’re working as hard as ever, bracing ourselves against the snow and wind as we walk to our frequent meetings (meetings that are open to the public, so please contact Mike, Jackie or me if you’d like to attend) and discuss what we can do for our school. We have paid especially close attention to what you, the students, have to say, and have turned that input into the kind of projects that you want to see. Get ready for some well-deserved advances in both the social and professional spheres of Andover, from dances and concerts to a more efficient final testing schedule and online textbooks. The Senior reps have collaborated to bring Senior-specific events as well as a formal ball to our school in the near future. Speaking of the near future, did you know that Big Blue Bikes are coming next term? Starting this spring, the community biking program (rent-a-bike, in other words) will begin, allowing students to check out a bike just like they check out a library book and use it to get where they need to go. In a rush? Check out a bike and get to Graves in no time. It’s the bluest greenest way of traveling. That brings us to the Green Cup Challenge. Did you try clicking on “My Mail” but stumble upon an online dashboard that measures each building’s energy usage and amount saved? Say hello to “Gunga Data,” the new president of the territory that we refer to as the upper right corner of PAnet. The combined efforts of Eco-Action, the Sustainability Committee, Ms. Russell and the Executive Board have made this new incentive to the Green Cup Challenge possible, so make like Foxcroft and save. Want to save more than energy? Save money on takeout! We’re nearing the completion of Andover Takeout, an online system (beautifully created by Uday) that will get you the best coupons and deals on Andover eatery. It’s like Groupon, except it’s actually relevant to your interests! On behalf of Student Council, I wish you all the best of luck and enjoyment for this winter term. Don’t forget to have fun. This is an incredible school filled with incredible people, and, before you know it, you’ll be graduating. Appreciate every day, and make memories. This is your time. Christopher Batchelder is a four-year Senior from Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA.