Sports Feature Mike DiFronzo ’11 Boys Soccer

Last Saturday, Boys Soccer Captain Mike DiFronzo ’11 was awarded All-American status for his contributions on the pitch this year for the Big Blue. He, along with 77 other young men around the country were honored for their achievements at a convention in Baltimore, MD. The ceremony was hosted by the National Soccer Coaches of America Association (NSCAA). Difronzo explained, “The convention was a really cool event to go to. It was pretty humbling and mind-blowing to be part of a national event. Being on the same stage as the director of the NSCAA, as well as such an amazing group of athletes was quite an honor.” The event included a luncheon, with words of wisdom from many guest speakers. Difronzo was moved by the speech given by the son of Joe Gaetjens, a hero in US Soccer for his game winning goal against England in the 1950 World Cup. Gaetjens was murdered in 1964 in his home country of Haiti. Difronzo was also thankful for the opportunity to meet so many big names in soccer. He said, “At the convention, I met several coaches and contacts that promised I could talk to them in the future if I was looking for a job. I’m sure having references like that will be useful in the future.” Despite this being a weekend to celebrate his individual success, DiFronzo explained that none of this would be possible without his team. He said, “Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have been there without them. Several players were just as worthy as me and it was a pleasure to play with them in such a competitive league. They helped me grow as a player and get recognition for such an award. Next year, DiFronzo will continue his soccer career at Boston College.