Look of the Week: Ting Pan ’11 A Style to Call Her Own

“Plain Jane” would be the farthest thing from describing the style of Ting Pan ’11. Trendy and indie, Pan uniquely captures a look of her own. Pan, who values her individuality, dresses and accessorizes to make her feel different from others. “I could not live without my sweaters with dolman sleeves, and my sweaters that are unique and have a special cut and cannot be easily found in stores such as J.Crew,” said Pan. Pan’s approach to dressing in the morning is smart and practical, as well as stylish. “I make sure I look for something that I did not wear the day before and something that is totally weather appropriate, as well as something that stays true to my style but is not too revealing,” said Pan. “I love my winter coats, especially my capelet and my jacket with the oversized hood,” added Pan. With the ability to mix class appropriate attire and trendy apparel, Pan has been able to maintain her sense of style. In the winter, one would usually spot Pan dressed in cowboy boots, skinny jeans and a chunky sweater. Pan believes that finding the right fit means everything. Relating it to the college process, she said, “As the College Counseling Office would agree, don’t try to force yourself into something that doesn’t suit you. I don’t think that people should wear whatever they see other people wear, but whatever reflects their personality and flatters their body.” Pan also stresses the importance of choosing colors in her wardrobe. She says, “I usually dress in black or blue, specifically royal blue and navy blue. I think colors are very important because the right colors can bring out your natural undertone, and the wrong colors can make you look too harsh or washed out.” “Personally as an Asian, I think I look best in cool tones and colors that contrast my skin,” Ting says. She added, “I think everyone should dress according to their style and what flatters their body type.” Although Pan recognizes Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Momsen as fashion inspirations, she does not believe that religiously following trends is necessary to be stylish. Pan says, “I do make reference to what I see in magazines, but I do try to make it work for my body and suit my personal style.” Celebrities are not Pan’s only inspirations. She says, “I think that most of the students on campus have a classy and preppy look. There are a lot of fashionable people here and sometimes I find myself feeling inspired by them.”