Robertson ’11 and Kisk-Rusk ’11 Hope to Lead Talented Squad

Led by Captain Megan Robertson ’11 and returner Alex Kiss-Rusk ’12, Andover girls basketball team looks ahead to a successful season with a team loaded with talent. Kiss-Rusk and Robertson, the team’s post players, are perhaps the team’s strongest assets. Last year, Kiss-Rusk’s consistent scoring and rebounding proved her as one among the top players in the league. Robertson has polished her game, and will lead the team both on and off the court. In addition to a stacked front court, Andover’s young and skilled guards will contribute to the team’s success. Leah Humes ’12 will start as Andover’s starting point guard. “Leah is crazy good,” said returning forward Amanda Simard ’13. “I heard really good things about her from before she even stepped on the court, and now that I’ve seen her play, I can attest to how good she actually is.” Post graduate Ashleigh Vargas-Aquino ’11 will play in the backcourt alongside Humes. Vargas-Aquino contributes with her good passing and ability to score. Alexis Walker ’12 will round out the starting lineup with her great ball-handling skills and ability to penetrate defenses. Freshmen sensations Kasey Hartung ’14 and Colby Fagan ’14 will support the talented starting squad. “Kasey is so good, and she’s only 14,” said Kiss-Rusk. “She really knows how to play the game and will play such a huge role this season. I can’t wait to see how much better she gets over the season.” Hartung can drive to the basket with relative ease, and with strong rebounding from Fagan, the two freshmen will be key contributors when Robertson and Kiss-Rusk aren’t in the game. “Colby is a phenomenal post player,” said Kiss-Rusk. “I’m really looking forward to helping her develop as a player.” Andover will return two role players from last season in Amanda Simard ’13 and Julie Brandano ’12 and three new players in Kayla Maloney ’13, Kaitlin Poor ’13, and Kelly Powers ‘11. On Wednesday, Andover won both scrimmages against Worcester Academy and York high school. “We played so well, especially considering it was our first time on the court with our official roster,” said Kiss-Rusk. “We played our game, moved the ball really well as a team, and our fast-break strategy worked out perfectly.” Led by Humes and Kiss-Rusk, Andover controlled both games, and cruised to claim the two victories. Having already played together before Andover, Humes and Kiss-Rusk create a tough combination for opponents to defend. “I am so excited to be playing with Leah again,” said Kiss-Rusk. “We have played together for 4 years before Andover, and I can’t wait to play with her on the court here.” Andover’s talented squad team hopes to take the championship this year.