NMH Attack Proves Too Much for Andover to Handle

With a shot at the New England Championship on the line, Andover came prepared to complete the upset on Saturday, as they faced off against a very talented NMH team who Andover tied in the regular season. Andover came out firing, controlling the flow of play, and possessing in the offensive half for the first fifteen minutes of the first half. With a couple close chances on net, the boys looked inches away from entering the score sheets, but were unable to put one away. With about 25 minutes past, an NMH forward breached the Andover defense on a counter attack and finished into the left-hand side netting. Down 1-0 Andover appeared to be slightly rattled, and was never able to regain control of the game. Center backs Peter Lee-Kramer ’11, and Jake Rohwer ’11 quickly were able to turn it on and played lockdown defense, and Andover was still very much in the game. As the second half came to an end, however, the boys were counter-attacked once again and were unable to stop another NMH forward from scoring. Coming out of halftime, Andover came out ready to take their season into their own hands. Five minutes into the second half, Andrew Woonton ’11 made a deep run down the left flan and beat multiple defenders as he approached the penalty box. With phenomenal footwork, he beat the defender, but was taken down inside the box. The confused official decided to call an indirect kick inside the box instead of a penalty kick, meaning that before entering the goal the ball must be touched by at least one other player besides the kicker. With the potential to change the game, Jake Rohwer ’11 stepped up to the plate as always, but was denied by the oncoming wall of NMH players. The team refused to give up despite feeling robbed of a chance to comeback. Minutes later, the boys created another offensive attack, resulting in a corner kick. Tim Marchese ’11 crossed in a beautiful ball to the middle of the penalty area. Andrew Woonton jumped up to head the ball and was taken down by an NMH defender inside the box, and was once again denied a penalty by the referee. Although every Andover player displayed immense effort and passion, the boys were unable to find the back of the net, finishing their season with a heartbreaking 2-0 defeat. The team boasted a very impressive 12-2-3 record in a very competitive league. Andover also won the Dunbar Cup for the 12th time in school history, and the first time since 2004. The Dunbar Cup is awarded to the winner of the series of games between Andover, Exeter, Deerfield, and NMH throughout the regular season.