Fall Athlete of the Term: Co-Captain Summer Washburn ’10

Co-Captain and second leading scorer, Summer Washburn ’11, shone in her senior season, netting both goals in Andover’s 2-1 win over Exeter and leading the team to the New England semifinal against Hotchkiss. There is no question that Washburn is a phenomenal athlete. She has the speed, agility, and power required to be successful. As Co-Captain Shannon McSweeney ’11 explained, “The difference between Summer and the average player is her blistering shot that she can consistently put in the corners, good habits, such as running on to passes and continually moving without the ball, as well as her mentality. She refuses to let the situation affect the way she plays and can provide a spark for the team if necessary.” Even more amazing is the fact that Washburn never played field hockey before attending Andover. Coach Kate Dolan explained, “Summer began as a complete novice – she had never played field hockey before coming to Andover – she had played soccer but knowing that she had played ice hockey and given her athleticism we asked her if she would give it a try.” Asking Washburn turned out to be the farthest thing from a mistake. The experience gained from playing with the varsity team her freshman year, great coaching, and dedication transformed Washburn into the dominating force she now is. As Dolan explained, “She can score, assist, stroke, and play defense – she has become a complete player. Quite simply, she has progressed from novice to star.” Recent displays of her talent were on the biggest stage of all, Exeter. Washburn netted both goals, one being the overtime goal to win the game. Washburn explained, “The win in overtime was pretty cool. Hearing the crowd chant my name was something I will never forget. It was my last A/E game, making the win even better. This year’s seniors deserved to go out on top and I am happy I could secure the win for them.” Despite being a phenomenal athlete, Washburn separates herself from other great athletes with her character. Washburn attributes her success to the team, explaining, “Most of my goals are just capitalizing on opportunities put forth by the team. They did a great job of getting the ball on net. I was just lucky enough to be on the end of some shots with great angles on the net.” Washburn attributes a lot of her success to McSweeney and Walsh. All three began their careers together on the varsity squad freshman year and have helped each other develop into the players they now are. As Washburn explained, “Shannon and Kellie are the two people who I have had with me since freshman year. We have been through the ups and downs of PAFH together and I consider them my closest friends on and off the field.” Her humbleness does not go unseen. She is a beloved part of the team and despite being somewhat soft-spoken, she leads by example with her composure and constant effort on the field. Washburn is fueled by the opportunity to make the team more successful, not just herself. Co-Captain Kellie Walsh ’11 explained, “Summer is all that you can ask for in a teammate. Whether it is a game or just practice, she always brings her “A” game. Despite being soft spoken, she has become a leader on the team through her play on the field. She always does right when no one is watching.” Now that her Andover career is over, Washburn looks forward to leading the lacrosse team in the spring and hopefully being able to play field hockey and lacrosse at the collegiate level. If everything works out, Washburn would like to play at Trinity next year.