Dearest Phillipians,?? Student Council has been hard at work this term and has found success in several of our pursuits. For this edition of “Counsel from the Council,” I would like to update you on our projects’ progress so far. Know that your respective class representatives have been hard at work, coordinating class fundraisers and events, but, for this end-of-term review, I will only include the initiatives of the larger council. I have bulleted them below for readability. Fall Term Assesment i. President MacKay and Upper Representative Uday Singh’s “Big Blue Bikes” proposal was awarded $11,000 from the Abbot Academy Association. This student run community biking endeavor will go online spring term and be headquartered out of the OWHL. We will soon look to conscript a team of underclassmen to support the program’s appendage group, “B3.” ii. Vice-President Lender is currently working on a proposal that will both coincide with students’ schedules and teachers’ class plans for alternative testing. We are expecting to submit this proposal at the beginning of next term for review. iii. Executive Secretary Batchelder is still working to create a student club that can monitor and, therefore, extend gym hours. He is working closely with Athletic Director Michael Kuta to institute this kind of gym proctorship. iv. “Andover Takeout” is a student discount database that is being scripted and supported by the Upper Rep team. This site will be overseen by the executive board and open to the student body to use for easy access to delivery information. v. “Greener-blue Boarding” is a dorm-based competition that will advocate for environmental stewardship. Its prizes and timeline are currently being drafted by Student Council’s sustainability committee. vi. Campus necessities, such as laundry and vending machines, are being surveyed and catalogued by the Dean of Students Office. Necessary repairs will be arranged through OPP. vii. The “Blue Bond,” a student-faculty enrichment program, generated several events this term, ranging from a senior-faculty munch to a wellness week workshop. We will continue this discussion with similar proceedings next term. viii. School Congress took place November 15th on the topic of technology t Andover. The dialogue gave moderators a good feel for the campus pulse on such issues as privacy and academic integrity, and we hope to supplement that conversation with yet another School Congress this spring. ix. Albeit, student council abides by its own set of rules and regulations, our laws are more verbal than hard-and-fast. Hence, we are moving to create a written, ratified, and updated constitution for the end of the year. x. Stay involved through our Facebook page or by attending an open meeting. Next term, student council will begin our table talks in the Den, so be sure to swing by and catch up.??Did we get a 6?–Let us know! Tell us your ideas, dreams, complaints, and concerns. Keep us accountable and we’ll keep you posted. Good luck on your finals, my blue brethren. I will see you on the other side…? Yours Truly, Mike Mackay Mike Mackay is a four-year Senior from Westford, MA and the President of Student Council.