Optimism in a Depression

The current generation of high school students is suffering from their first harsh recession. It has been a time of change and a taste of something different for everyone in the nation. The recession is an ongoing situation that discussed in daily conversation. The recession has affected me in many ways and has opened my eyes to a different part of reality. This economic crisis is increasingly altering the country. It is causing heavy tension and a political frenzy. However, there might just be a light at the end of the tunnel. Some people believe that the recession has only been affecting a select group of people, but the recession is affecting us all in some way, shape, or form. For me, the recession has been an eye opener and a new business experience. In my spare time, I shadow and observe owners of the service, development and reality fields. I witnessed first hand what the recession can do. In the reality field, prices would drop, rise and change the whole market, leading to un-satisfaction around the table. In the service and development fields the lack of a solid economy has affected everything. If people are low on cash than they buy less. That leads to paychecks decreasing for the people working at the now less-frequented store, because people are not buying as much. The owners are making less money and are therefore forced to spend less. This vicious cycle of recession results in no capitol going back into the market, only worsening the economic health. My experiences have taught me the power of a recession and how everyone is dragged in and pulled under. My advice to everyone is to stay positive. These past couple months have been brutal for us all, but there is hope. This past September has been the stock market’s best September in 71 years. The US stock market enjoyed four straight weeks of profit. The last time Wall Street saw a stronger September was in 1939 at the start of WWII when traders anticipated a rise in demand for US manufactured goods and war materials. This September the Dow Jones was up 7.7%. This situation proved to be incredibly hopeful in the eyes of American economists. Many agree that this has been a great step for the economy. However the progress of recovery is still traveling at a slow pace. The Stock Market has been rising and dropping rapidly. The results are much too unclear to make a conclusion in which way the country’s economy is heading. November’s elections have only raised the awareness of our new economic sutation. Even if we find ourselves in the most dire of situations, we must not give up, or lose faith. Everyone must stay involved and remain in tune to the state of the economy. No one will fix the recession in one day. That being said, we all must persevere until the rebound. The finish line is not insight, but with turn-arounds like September, the American people should only have faith in their economy and keep looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. Connor Soules is a new Lower from Auburn, NY.