Aysen Muderrisoglu ’11: Fashion With a Story

Chic, classy and comfortable with an eclectic flair, Aysen Muderrisoglu ’11 stays fashionable while maintaining a sense of individuality. Having grown up in Turkey, Muderrisoglu’s world-view influences her style. Muderrisoglu said, “I do pick up a lot of ideas now when I go back [to Turkey]. I travel a lot and make a point of getting different pieces along the way.” Just as important as new pieces, her basics maintain flair in her outfits. “My go-to stores are Madewell and Ralph Lauren, but that’s just for basics – jeans, cardigans,” said Muderrisoglu. In terms of other fashion items, Muderrisoglu is open to anything and is not preoccupied with brands and labels. Muderrisoglu said, “I don’t care where my clothes come from. As long as they look cute, I’m for it!” Muderrisoglu would describe her style for school as “comfortable but put together.” Even while avoiding high-maintenance outfits, she is able to maintain her chic sense of style. It takes Muderrisoglu only twenty minutes to get ready in the mornings. For sluggish days, Muderrisoglu puts on more comfortable pieces, combining UGG boots with sweatpants. She described UGG boots as “not fashionable, but a more go-to comfort item.” She said, “Last year sweatpants made appearances in my outfits, but this year I’m trying to avoid them at all costs.” “I think there’s definitely an Andover profile. Boat shoes, jeans, a sweatshirt, that’s what many people wear and that’s fine. That being said, there are also many people here who have very unique styles.” For eveningwear, Muderrisoglu said she “can go all out…I’m trendier at night. I love blazers, shiny little skirts and lace-up booties.” Evening events are chances for Muderrisoglu to experiment with clothes, something she loves doing. “I’d like to be more daring with fashion,” she said. “I got a pair of high waist floral sailor shorts in Spain this summer but I haven’t had the courage to wear them yet at Andover. I love them though,” she added. Muderrisoglu has a thirty-year-old sister who is her main fashion influence and the one who pushes her towards wilder fashion choices. “She knows I want to be more daring, so she always suggests things she knows are characteristics of my style but that also allow me to experiment,” said Muderrisoglu. She added, “About two years ago she wanted me to get a pair of patent leather shoes. I hated them at the time, but I bought them anyways, and now I love them and patent leather. Don’t tell her.” Muderrisoglu also has collections of scarves. “I’m in love with scarves. I definitely have over twenty,” said Muderrisoglu. One scarf in her lineup is a deep burgundy with floral embroidery in gold. She likes to pair it with a black sweater. “I love to go dark with bright flashes. I love black with red accessories, but not bright red,” said Muderrisoglu. However, rings are her fashion obsession. She said, “My jewelry is sentimental. Any piece of it I wear has a story. My current favorite ring is from Turkey. It’s a huge gold one with three stones, an oval, a square and a circle in navy, black and emerald green.” She also wears earrings inherited from her Grandmother and bracelets from her friends in Spain. Unique color pairings, a veritable mix of international pieces with class and elegance capture Muderrisoglu’s style.