STAND Hosts Fundraiser for Sister School in Darfur

The grades were at war outside Paresky Commons this week, but for a good cause. STAND, PA’s division of the Genocide Intervention Network, is holding the Penny Wars Competition in order to raise funds for students living in the Djabal Refugee Camp located in Darfur. Students and faculty have the opportunity to drop money into one of five different buckets belonging to Juniors, Lowers, Uppers, Seniors and Faculty. The goal of the competition is to gain the most points for one’s own class by donating change and dollar bills each with their own point value. When a student donates loose change to his class’ bucket, his grade’s point value increases. If a student puts dollar bills in another class’ bucket, that class loses points. All of the money raised during Penny Wars will go directly to Sultan Tadjadine School in Darfur. This is the second year that STAND has held the Penny Wars. Matthew Lloyd-Thomas ’12, a member of STAND, said, “The only difference between this year and last year is that last year people were also able to donate through texting.” According to Shelby Centofanti ’11, another STAND member, the organization that organized texting donations last year did not offer their services this year. “They might have shifted their focus, as STAND has. We are now focusing our attention on aid for refugees, as opposed to ending the conflict,” Centofanti said. Hannah Finnie ’11, Co-Head of STAND, said, “We want to continue last years success and also establish ourselves as a club with an annual fundraiser.” “People are very responsive to the project, if you just start talking to them they will respond,” she continued. “I think we are going to give the money directly to the school so they can choose the best way to use it.” The Sultan Tadjadine School in Darfur was specifically designed for refugee children seeking an education. Phillips Academy was paired with Sultan Tadjadine School by the Dream Team, an organization led by current NBA player, Tracy McGrady. The Dream Team focuses on establishing links between American schools and schools in Darfur. Mimi Tanski ’11, Co-Head of STAND, said, “We hope to soon have a real relationship with them in which we have human contact.” STAND plans on holding another fundraiser during Winter Term. The club hopes that Penny Wars will become an annual event on campus. Finnie said that the team with the most points by the end of the week will receive a currently undetermined prize.