Josephine Moon ’11 Brings Clay to Life

When one spots Josephine Moon ’11 on campus, one will notice white clay splattered all over her boots, but Moon doesn’t mind. She devotes many hours of the day working on ceramics. Moon has expressed her extraordinary art talent throughout her years at PA and earlier. Outside of PA, she has participated in the NYU Steinhardt Art Camp and is the vice president of “Art for Expression” club but focuses her main, artistic expression towards ceramics. Her ceramics embody smooth curves that soothe the viewer’s mind and her delicate touch transforms a simple blob of clay into a masterpiece. He Li shared her art experiences, and opinions, with The Phillipian. Q: What is your favorite type of art? A: I like every art, but if I have to choose one, it would be ceramics. Q: What made you choose ceramics out of all other types of art? A: There is more action involved in ceramics than other arts. Also, I love the feeling of touching and kneading the clay. Clay can make anything. When I am done with my piece, I can actually use it in my everyday life. It is very different than just painting where you will just get a paper full of color. And I love giving my pieces to my parents. They love drinking coffee, so I make many mugs for them. Q: When did you first recognize your artistic talent? A: I liked art since I was really young. When I was in elementary school in Korea, I got to know art for the first time. I remember using water colors and crayons and having fun with my friends. When I came to America for middle school, I stopped doing art for a while. I was busy getting used to the American education environment. But towards the end of my middle school years, I picked it up again. My middle school was supportive for me to carry out my interest, but Andover really helped me to develop it. Here, I could try various types of art. When I tried Ceramics in my Junior year, I absolutely loved it! Q: Have you had special training in art? A: No. I never had a teacher outside of school to teach me art. PA’s teachers are so amazing that I never felt the need for it! Q: Do you have an artist role model? A: I haven’t seriously thought of a role model for me yet, but I like Andy Warhol’s art works. They are very colorful and creative. He draws about flowers and high heels in many of his works, and I think they are so cute! I have many of his posters on my dorm wall. Q: Are you considering an artistic career? A: No. I don’t think I will do art as my job. I definitely love doing art. I feel really happy when working with clays and all, but I think I will just keep it as a hobby. Q: Are you taking any art classes this term? How are the classes? A: Yes, I am taking a ceramics class with Mr. Zaeder. I love it so much. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of time when I work on our project. I have so much fun that the time just flows.