DramaLabs: Humor with a Dark Side

This week, the DramaLabs will feature two dark comedies: “Yellow Marrow” and “Dorothy and Alice.” The Phillipian sat in on rehearsals, and here is a preview of this week’s shows. “Yellow Marrow” Brian Armstrong—Adam Brody ’14 Travis Daniels—Julius Roth ’13 Billed as a comedy, this DramaLab satirically illuminates a deep and dark relationship between two best friends. The close bond between the two teenagers, Brian and Travis, becomes apparent when they plan for life after death. The play begins with the best friends writing suicide notes and working together to try and figure out what they want the world to remember after they have died. “This play isn’t your average comedy, it’s dark and emotional,” says first time director, Anna Stacy ’13. “This production has been a dream, it’s been a lot of fun and I’m definitely impressed at how quickly the production is coming along,” said Stacey. The second half of the play focuses on the boys’ attempt at suicide as they plan to kill themselves together. They encounter interruptions along the way. Ironically, in their attempts at suicide, they continue to interrupt each other for reassurance that they are doing the right thing but find there may be a hint of doubt in their confidence. Do they go through with it? Come to this week’s Drama Lab to find out! “Dorothy and Alice” Dorothy—Emily Jacobson ’13 Alice—Erin Luby ’13 The second play, “Dorothy and Alice,” another ironic comedy. In this play, we meet two teenage girls, Alice and Dorothy. Set in high school, the two girls talk about life, boys, travels, and puberty . Through this talk, they find out what makes them different than the average high school student. “At first, these two girls seem like your typical teenagers, and they are, just with a twist,” says first time Drama Lab director, Samantha Craig ’12. If you watch the play and realize that these characters seem vaguely familiar to you, you won’t be the only one. There is something about Alice and Dorothy that gives you the feel you may already know them… Watch the play to find out!