Andover Soccer Comes Back From 3-1 Deficit to Tie Governor’s

Leah Humes ’12 netted 2 brilliant goals on Tuesday to force a 4-4 tie against Governor’s. After a tough loss to St. Paul’s on Saturday as well, the team’s record now stands at 6-2-2. With Co-Captain Courtney Macdonald ’11 and post-graduate Clare Ashforth ’11 both back from injuries, Andover was primed to compete with an always competitive Governor’s team. Andover started the game slowly however, letting up three early goals to fall behind 3-1 by the beginning of the second half. Andover came out in the second half with much more focus, scoring three unanswered goals to pull ahead 4-3 with just minutes remaining. With time ticking off the clock and a great comeback win virtually wrapped up, the Governer’s attack was able to penetrate the Andover defense that had been solid all half, to take away a win for Andover, forcing a 4-4 tie. Despite the late game goal, Andover still felt like they played the best game they could. “I was really proud of how we played,” said Ashforth. “We were aggressive, tough, got all of the loose balls and even though we didn’t win, I know we can build off of the tie and get much better as a team.” The game was clearly affected by the weather conditions as well, as a strong wind consistently carried the ball over the back line, making the defense have to work much harder to win the ball. Hannah Guzzi ’14 continued her scoring spree adding her usual goal, Humes highlighted the game with two goals and Nekele McCall ’14 netted her first of the season. On Saturday, Andover’s offense was unable to penetrate St. Paul’s stifling defense, losing a heartbreaker, 1-0. This was the first game of the season that Andover was held scoreless. Injuries may have contributed to Andover’s struggles, as Macdonald, Ashforth and keeper Emily Hoyt ’13 were all unable to play. “It was tough because it was the other team’s parents’ weekend, and even though we played as well as we could, St. Paul’s scored an unfortunate goal,” said Fay Feghali ’12. The loss marked the end of Andover’s two game winning streak. “I think we played really well to be honest. I think our effort was there, and we played our hearts out,” said Co-Captain Katherine Woonton ’11. “It was an especially tough loss considering our defense was essentially rock solid, even without [Macdonald] in the game.” Although it may not have been the most successful week for Andover, the team is keeping a positive attitude moving forward. “The results of this week were unfortunate, but we are just as prepared, just as eager to win, and just as good as we ever have been,” said Co-Captain Woonton. Andover is away for their next two games, facing Northfield Mount Herman and Thayer Academy on Saturday and Wednesday respectively.