Perkins ’14 and Simon ’14 Beat Out Nine Other Candidates in Junior Representative Election

The Class of 2014 elected Clark Perkins ’14 and Matthew Simon ’14 to serve as the Junior Representatives for the 2010-2011 school year. Perkins said he related this election to the adversity he faced in his life when his family moved to Spain without knowing the language. “I have experienced failure when first adjusting to a Spanish speaking school, but I was able to overcome that and persevere through the challenge like I would if elected,” said Perkins. Perkins also promised the Junior class that he would be willing to listen and try anything. Simon took another approach by using his confidence to the sway the crowd. He said, “My friend told me to take my shirt off, so here it goes!” and continued to give his speech in nothing but his undershirt. During his speech, Simon also stated that one of his goals was creating class trips for unity. Prior to the speeches, candidates collected one hundred signatures from peers of the class of 2014 in order to nominate themselves for the position. The other Junior Rep candidates were Zoe Chazen ‘14, Lauren Conte ‘14, Leong Chow ’14, Graham Johns ’14, Abigail Keller ’14, Jake Marrus ’14, Clark Perkins ’14, Joey Salvo ’14, Caroline Sambuco ’14, Mathew Simon ’14 and Lily Zildjian ’14. Christopher Batchelder ’11, Student Council Executive Secretary and Mentor to the Class of 2014, said, “The Junior Representatives are very important, because, as a new class, they need a leader, and the class reps serve as their leader because they are their way of communicating with the heads of the student council. They are equally as important as any other class rep.” Mike MacKay ’11, Student Council President, said, “The best Junior Reps are the ones who can get a good grasp of PA and the government very quickly. Also, if someone is running for the right reasons, and have it in their heart to make their class better, then they would be a great candidate.” “In my opinion I think Junior Reps should get two events in place, such as class trips and other ideas that create class unity. Also, it is important they make and sell class apparel,” MacKay continued. Despite the encouragement from current council members, some juniors were all but thrilled about the elections. “[The entire process] is idiotic. A lot of kids continue to get worked up about the race, but in the end it’s really not that important. It’s simply a popularity contest,” said Sam Landy ’14 “[The race] is a popularity contest. Our class has only known each other for three weeks, and in the end you are just voting for your friends.” said Marjorie Kozloff ’14.