Look of the Week: Preppy and Trendy

Every aspiring fashionisto’s goal is to manage the perfect mélange of city chic and street fashion. Sung Woo Hong ’13 may only be a teenager, but he has mastered this challenge. From a young age, this fashionisto has been hyperaware of fashion. Coming from what he describes as “a very Americanized neighborhood in Korea,” Hong has been greatly influenced by the preppy and urban aspects of American style. Despite heavy American influence, Hong admits that he draws much of his fashion sense from his mother and friends since everyone living in his neighborhood dresses impeccably. Hong describes his style as “organized” and “preppy” and tends to avoid the baggy sweatpants trend. His biggest faux pas are baggy basketball shorts, sweatpants and unsightly low-rise jeans. Hong can’t fathom why anyone would think that lazy, disheveled apparel would be even remotely attractive or socially acceptable. He believes style is a representation of oneself, so being viewed as bedraggled or sloppy is not something he desires. Hong is a firm believer in being the best you can, so putting conscious thought into each outfit is important. Hong takes pride in representing himself through fashion and keeps a methodical mindset in choosing what to wear. He does “like to keep it preppy” but transforms his preppy look into something more urban by adding a backwards baseball cap or a pair of hip sneakers. He noted that his favorite hat is a fire engine red with the phrase “super sexy” written in Korean. Hong enjoys making his outfits consist of preppy and contemporary pieces that convey his clean-cut and fun loving personality. His wardrobe is comprised of staple and dream pieces that he idealizes. His fashion wish list consists of one sole thing – an IWC watch that his father wears. The watch has a fairly large face and a sleek, soft black leather strap and remains something he desperately wants to own. Hong also can’t live without his staple dark wash jeans that add an urban jolt of city style to his preppy ensemble.