Quad Day 2010

Last Sunday, the Quads burst with energy and activities as students gathered for an afternoon of fundraising, fun and community bonding. This year’s Quad day saw both new and the old events from Johnson’s tie-dye booth to kisses and licks from Taylor Hall. As usual, Taylor Hall snuck up on customers to kiss and lick. A designated ‘licker’ of Taylor Hall Colton Dempsey ’12 said, “I personally love kissing and licking people, and it’s really fun. Even though they may not show it, I think that everyone else, deep down, enjoys it too.” “It was enjoyable,” said Ali Belinkie ’13 “I [signed my] friend [up for dorm-kisses], thinking she didn’t have the money to get revenge, but she did, and she got me licked by Stephen Fehnel ’13. It wasn’t that bad.” West Quad North cluster dean Frank Tipton said, “It might be even better than last year’s. We’ve got some good, new activities that weren’t there last year. We’ve got all sorts of treats and activities, a combination of old and new.” This year’s activities were certainly innovative. Adams Hall sold cotton candy, and Pease House sold chocolate empanadas and photos with Oscar the Grouch, played by Will Park ’11 in costume. Students enjoyed tarts and afternoon tea with Thompson House and tried on Bishop Hall’s custom hats. Inflatable games stood in the middle of the Quads, including a human foosball game and inflated wrestling court. Students and faculty children alike were climbing aboard and jumping around. Tipton said, “Faculty kids can come out and play, and it’s a great community event.” Major attractions included Bancroft’s manicure and massages and Pemberton Cottage’s face painting and tattoos. Bancroft entrepreneurs offered a little treat to girls with their nail-polishing service. Rockwell ran a doughnut-eating competition, in which students competed for the fastest time. Another activity was Tucker House’s balloon toss, in which participants paid to buy water balloons to toss at a Tucker House resident whose head stuck through a cardboard cutout. At both of these two tables, onlookers cheered and hooted as participants used their athletic skills to gobble down doughnuts and throw balloons. Blanchard House residents beckoned exhausted students to purchase refreshments. “We’ve got coke, we’ve got orange soda, cream soda, root bear, we’ve got everything. Want some?” Scott Livingston ’13 advertised. “It’s been selling well,” he said. Next to the booth of enthusiastic Blanchard boys stood Isham girls selling psychic readings by Elizabeth Oppong ’12 and rice cakes. Eaton Cottage carried on its tradition of selling delicious, colorful candy apples. As in previous years, Eaton Cottage’s candy apples were very popular among the Quad Day veterans. Johnson Hall hosted a do-it-yourself tie dye t-shirt booth. At the table, enthusiastic volunteers and participants dipped their t-shirts in the brightly colored die after tying them into patterns with silly bands.