Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: Thank you very much for Dennis Zhou’s excellent May 21, 2010 article (page 7) about the Abbot Academy Association’s “focus group” in Paresky Commons on April 29th. That meeting was wonderful for us, and was the first of many. We will do it again in the fall of the 2010-2011 school year. Meanwhile, the AAA met last week, listened to you all present your proposals and awarded over two dozen grants to students, faculty and staff. Details will be forthcoming soon. In your daydreaming moments this summer, please think of the AAA. Our next round of proposals will be due in late October. We are open to all kinds of ideas. They can be large, world changing or small day-to-day routine ideas. They can come from students, faculty and staff. We particularly encourage joint proposals, a faculty-student, faculty-staff or student-staff proposal would be welcomed. Proposals can deal with improving student life, academic experimentation and innovative solutions to issues such as sustainability or technology. Furthermore, we encourage proposals that look beyond 01810. How can we share the extraordinary experience of Abbot and Andover with others? Non sibi, after all, applies to us, as well. We shouldn’t keep the benefits of the school just for those of us lucky enough to enjoy them first hand. Have a great summer, relax, do good things and get ready for a fabulous Lower, Upper or Senior year. And above all, think about your Abbot proposal! Feel free to contact any of us, anytime and check out the guidelines and other information at the website, Thanks again for your support and interest. -Melanie Davis, Abbot ’65, President -Mindy Feldman, Abbot ’73, Co-President-Elect ( -David Othmer, Andover ’59, Co-President- Elect ( -Natalie Schorr, Abbot ’62, Andover Liaison (