Campus is Cookin’: Celebrate the End of Term!

As spring showers give way to summer heat, and the end of the school year rapidly approaches, celebration fills the air. If tanning or tennigolfing on the Great Lawn doesn’t satisfy your cravings, try whipping up these five delicious party treats to put the “fiesta” in food. Sparkling Celebration With humid breezes come the scents of summer flowers and the craving for cooling drinks. A sparkling fruit soda refreshes the palate and stirs up memories of barbeques and beach parties. The key to this drink is using seltzer and lots of ice, but the combination of fruit flavors is open to variations. For one invigorating version, put ice in a tall glass, then fill one third of the way with orange juice, one third with cranberry juice and one third with seltzer. Fiesta Nachos Whether mild, medium or extra hot, nachos are the ultimate fiesta food. Adding vegetables and beans to the classic chips and cheese makes this dish an extravaganza. Pile tortilla chips into a large bowl and top with olives, bell peppers, black beans and, for a filling option, grilled chicken from the salad bar. Sprinkle on a generous layer of shredded cheddar cheese, then heat in the microwave for about a minute, until the cheese starts to sizzle. With a scoop of salsa, this addicting dish is ready to share. Those who like an extra kick can shake on some hot sauce from the condiments section. Spicy and crunchy, this platter will be the center of attention at your table. Dipping Extravaganza Versatile and delicious, a bowl of dip can accompany vegetables, chips or sandwiches. Crisp veggies are only properly complemented by a zesty spread. To create the dip, begin with two to three spoonfuls of cream cheese. Add a half-ladle of mixed herbs from the bowls by the Hearth. With a spoon, briskly whisk the ingredients together until even. Drizzle just a few drops of olive oil to soften the texture. Grab some cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers or broccoli from the salad bar and dig in. For a different effect, try serving the dip with pita chips from the Salad Bar or crunchy potato chips from the Café. Elegantly simple, the light cucumber herb sandwich provides a cool party treat perfect for easing the summer heat. Begin with two lightly toasted pieces of white bread. Spread a generous layer of the dip onto one piece of bread, and add pieces of sliced cucumber. Sprinkle a little salt, cover with the other piece of bread, and for the final embellishment, cut into attractive shapes. Pizza Party You don’t have to journey to Rome just to enjoy a mouthwatering pizza. Try varying the classic pizza by preparing on a convenient bagel. Start by toasting half of one plain bagel, and lightly spread marinara sauce on top. Sprinkle on shredded cheddar cheese from the salad bar. For a varied effect, add slices of cheddar cheese from the organics bar instead of the shredded cheese. Place the bagel into the microwave to let the two ingredients meldttogether. After 45 seconds, your warm, Italian inspired snack will be ready. Festive Fondue In the wide scope of sweets, creamy peanut butter and silky chocolate have always been a dangerously tasty combination. Those fond of fondue or simply hooked on peanut butter will enjoy this dessert dip for apples and bananas. Using a small bowl, heat a scoop of chocolate chips in the microwave for 45 seconds. When warm, stir the chocolate vigorously until it has a mouth-watering sheen. Add about an equal amount of regular peanut butter to the chocolate and swirl until smooth. Slice your favorite fruits and indulge in this creamy concoction. Whether a light snack or hearty treat, these party favorites are sure to give your last few weeks of school a celebratory spin.